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”The Redand The Black” Ballet – online broadcast by Bucharest National Opera

Monday, 22 March 2021 , ora 11.28

Bucharest National Opera is broadcasting online on Tuesday, March 23rd, starting 7:00 PM, the recording of the ballet show called "TheRed and The Black", by Livia Teodorescu Ciocanea, directed and choreographed by Alexia Mezincescu. The show is pursuingto pay respect for 179 year since the French writer Stendhal passed away.

The recording is broadcastfree of charge on the Bucharest National Opera Youtube Channel, available at the following address: shorturl.at/axCD4

We invite you to watch a Romanian original ballet piece, on a libretto based upon one of the most important novels in universal literature. The title referrs to a bipolar symbolism, which the entire action is build upon, and which translates by the fundamental contrast between life and death, love and hate, or, more directly, between the military career (the red color of the napoleonian military uniform) and the ecclesiastic one (the black color of the monastic cloth). The show, as the novel "The Red and The Black" by Stendhal, stands for a meditation on the human condition during the emerging of the social emancipation idea, by means of individual exceptional qualities, and not only by means of wealth and titles of nobility. The most representative example for the moment the novel was written was Napoleon himself, a model for theyoung people of the time.The destiny of the main character, Julien Sorell, shows a disturbing and dramatic social ascent, that ends by acknowledging the fundamental values of life before death: those are, love and sacrifice.

"The show aims to reconcile modern and classic, to establish communication between contemporary art and its audience. The message of this work is beyond the alleged historical moment, belonging to the most important themes of meditation on human condition: faith, love, duty." - Livia Teodorescu-Ciocanea

Translated by Anca Ilie,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year I
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu