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'Suor Angelica' opens April month, online, at the Brașov Opera

Tuesday, 30 March 2021 , ora 14.31

On Saturday, April 3rd, 2021, starting with 6.30 pm, we invite you to watch, online, in live broadcast, the show with the opera "Suor Angelica" by Giacomo Puccini. The work is part of "Il Trittico", along with two other short operas: "Il Tabarro" (Mantle) and "Gianni Schicchi", all staged at the Brașov Opera. The world premiere took place on December 14, 1918, at the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

Thus, we inaugurate a special month, a month under the sign of spirituality, in which we celebrate the Catholic Easter and prepare for the Orthodox one.

"Suor Angelica" is based on GiovacchinoForzano's libretto. The action takes place at the end of 1600, in a monastery near Siena, where life takes place in its habit and rigors. Angelica had been sent to the monastery to put an end to the scandal that arose with the illegitimate birth of her child, a sin condemned by society and unforgiven by the family. He has been among the nuns for seven years, with no news of the child or relatives. She receives a visit from her aunt, who tells her that her little girl is dead. Suor Angelica resorts to the supreme sacrifice, having before her eyes the image of the child calling her to him.


Suor Angelica - Aurelia Florian (debut)

La Zia Principessa- Carmen Topciu

La Maestra Delle Novizie-Asineta Răducan

La Badessa- Cristina Coatu

Suor Genovieffa- Paula Duca (guest)

Una Novizia- Andromeda Nemeș

Suor Osmina- Daniela Puiu-Surdeanu

Suor Dolcina- Geanina Tomescu

Prima Sorella Cercatrice- Anca Moguț

Seconda Sorella Cercatrice- Anca Panait

La Suora Infirmiera- Rodica Iuga

Una Bimba - Sofia Nanu Popa

The Brașov Opera Orchestra gives its competition. At the rostrum will be the maestro Traian Ichim (debut). The artistic direction is signed by Valentina Mărgăraș. Scenography: Rodica Garștea. Stage director: Marilena Aldea.

The show will be broadcast live online on the Facebook page of the Brașov Opera and on the official YouTube channel and can be watched for free! Also, the show benefits from Romanian subtitles.

Translated by Călinescu Emilia-Georgiana,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year I
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu