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Vivaldi JAZZT online international tour with soprano Rodica Vică and ImpRoWien Ensemble

Friday, 16 April 2021 , ora 13.48

The year 2021 is marked by the intersection of the destinies of some of the most important composers in the history of music. This year's anniversaries and commemorations create an extraordinary compositional panoply, spread over more than two centuries, from baroque to the present day. Thus, the commemoration of the 280th anniversary of the death of Antonio Vivaldi in Vienna, becomes the reference point of the international online tournament JAZZT Vivaldi., The city of birth of Vivaldi - Venice and his disappearance - Vienna, being included in this foray into the evolution ofits creation. Through an ingenious connection, we reach the 140th anniversary of the birth of George Enescu and Béla Bartók (both born in the current territory of Romania), passing by the commemoration of a centenary of the disappearance of Camille Saint-Saëns, and other compositional anniversaries such as Tomaso Albinoni, Giuseppe Verdi, Gustav Mahler, Astor Piazzolla and Igor Stravinsky, all reinterpreted through the vision of pianist and composer Cristian Spătaru.

The international JAZZT Vivaldi online tour is in the tradition of projects undertaken in recent years by the association Musica Ricercata, to bring to light new interpretations and innovative stylistic organizations, based on music research, bringing the beneficiary additional experience in this field, by investigating the universe composition of Vivaldi - through exploratory aesthetic associations, the innovative character of the tour being conferred by the stylistic binder of the project, meaning the improvisation.In Antonio Vivaldi's music, improvisation is a mandatory element, and the vision offered by this project is to highlight this parallel with jazz music. Vivaldi is the recurring standard, all the improvisations in the style of the other composers being framed in his areas. George Enescu - a great admirer of the music of Vivaldi and Johann Sebastian Bach - strongly influenced by him and BélaBartók recreated the improvisational universe of folklore in this geographical space in their entire creation, being the defining element of their music.

The series of concerts within the international online tour JAZZT Vivaldi supported by the famous soprano Rodica VICĂ (Romania-Austria), with ImpRoWien Ensemble (Austria-Romania): Cristian SPĂTARU piano and orchestrator, Cristian RUSCIOR - violin 1, Gratiela ARANYOSI - violin 2, Hannah BERGHOFER - viola and Florian Cristian DRAGOMIR - double bass, will take place between April 20th and May 4th, 2021, both on the Facebook page of the Associated Music Association: https://www.facebook.com/EnsembleMusicaRicercata, by soprano Rodica Vică: https://www.facebook.com/rodica.vica, as well as on the Facebook pages of the partners involved in organizing this unique music project.

The online international tour is co-financed by AFCN - National Cultural Fund Administration, partners being: Austrian Cultural Forum, Union of Interpretive Creation of Romanian Musicians, Romanian Youth National Art Center, Austro-Romanian Society of Vienna, Karlskirche, Romanian Cultural Institute from Vienna, the Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanistic Research in Venice, Radio Romania Musical and the Association for Music, Art and Culture, and the media partners of the tour being: TVR International, Radio Romania Cultural, Radio Romania International, Radio Trinitas, Radio Clasic, Agerpres, spotmedia.ro, Revista Tango-MareaDragoste, RevistaFemeia, Opera Charm Magazine, SensoTV, LiterNet.ro, Literomania, PromenadaCulturală, Ziarul Metropolis, Bookhub, Revista Urbea mea, IQads - Smark, Jurnalul de Afaceri, Catchy, Agentiadearte .ro, InOras.ro, Orasulmeu, B365.ro, Ediția de Dimineață, EdPost, RepublikaKritica, PRwave, Bucureștiivecheșinoi, Verbs describe us, Bu clean City News, Hello Iași, 4arte.ro, Onlinegallery.ro, Culture Cup, Positive Romania, Bucharest Cultural Events, Autentici.info, ArtOut, Good morning Bucharest, UCMR Music News Magazine, Bucharest Journal and i-Tour .

Artist information:

Rodica VICĂ, soprano - invited to the most important works and philharmonics both in the country and abroad, being at the same time winner of numerous prizes at national and international competitions: First Prize at the International Baroque Music Competition "La Stravaganza" in Cluj -Napoca, the 2nd Prize at the Romanian Broadcasting Contest "The Road to Celebrity", the Prize for the Best Musical Performance within the "Ion Dacian" Trophy for Young Performers, etc. Among the soprano's latest professional successes are concerts with the orchestra MusicaRicercata, the debut at the Müpa Budapest, Musikverein Vienna, Konzerthaus Berlin and the world premiere of the newly discovered oratorio Strigoii by George Enescu, with the Symphony Orchestra Radio Berlin.She also made the record premiere of this fascinating Enescu work, released at the Capriccio record label, and in 2019 this oratorio was presented in Berlin. Among the following important events in the artist's career are her debuts at the Marseille Opera and at the George Enescu Festival in 2021. Soprano RodicaVică is one of the few Romanian artists specializing in baroque music, her performances always having a scientific research base, this is also proved by his doctoral thesis entitled Stilemes, influences and Handelian sources revealed in the work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. More information about the soprano Rodica Vică can be found on: www.rodicavica.com

The ImpRoWien ensemble has a Romanian-Austrian composition and consists of five musicians based in Vienna. At the initiative of the conductor and composer CristianSpătaru, the ensemble was born to combine the musical specialization of the five with the creativity and improvisational spirit, so necessary for the contemporary musician. This fusion attracts audiences of all ages, making children and young people join classical style concerts and experienced music lovers arousing their curiosity to discover new musical values.


Tuesday, 20.04.2021, 18:00 - Italian time / 19:00 - Romanian time

Facebook IRCCU Venice: https://www.facebook.com/istituto.romenodivenezia

Facebook MusicaRicercata: https://www.facebook.com/EnsembleMusicaRicercata

Sunday, 25.04.2021, 18:00 - Austrian time / 19:00 - Romanian time

Facebook ICR Vienna: https://www.facebook.com/RKIWien.ICRViena

Facebook MusicaRicercata: https://www.facebook.com/EnsembleMusicaRicercata

Facebook Association for Music, Art and Culture: https://www.facebook.com/asociatia.muzicaartacultura

Tuesday, 27.04.2021, 18:00 - Austrian time / 19:00 - Romanian time

Facebook Musica Ricercata: https://www.facebook.com/EnsembleMusicaRicercata

Facebook UCIMR: https://www.facebook.com/UCIMR

Facebook Romanian National Youth Art Center: https://www.facebook.com/CentrulNationalTinerimeaRomana

Tuesday, 04.05.2021, 18:00 - Austrian time / 19:00 - Romanian time

Facebook MusicaRicercata: https://www.facebook.com/EnsembleMusicaRicercata

Facebook ICR Vienna: https://www.facebook.com/RKIWien.ICRViena

Facebook Austrian Cultural Forum: https://www.facebook.com/fca.bucuresti

Facebook Association for Music, Art and Culture: https://www.facebook.com/asociatia.muzicaartacultura

Facebook Radio RomâniaMuzical: https://www.facebook.com/Radio-Rom%C3%A2nia-Muzical-227784404990

More information about this project can be found both on the Musica Ricercata Facebook pages: https://www.facebook.com/EnsembleMusicaRicercata and Rodica Vică: https://www.facebook.com/rodica.vica, and on the Facebook pages of the partners involved in organizing this unique music project.

Translated by Dărăban Denisa,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year I
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu