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'Opera, at your school!' - the new project of the Brasov Opera and 'Operetta sings and dances', in the performance hall!

Tuesday, 18 May 2021 , ora 15.22

"Opera, at your in school!" - this is the slogan of the new project of the Brașov Opera that promotes performances for children, in the current context of the pandemic.

The world would be sad without theater and art, music and poetry, without that magic that manages to disconnect us completely from everyday life, to fill our souls with joy and happiness. "It was imperative to reinvent ourselves, to find life-saving solutions, both for us and for our little spectators. The pandemic failed to lock the doors of our institution, but, on the contrary, the rehearsals were more intense and deeper. , the ambition and interest of the Opera Collective was greater, the mobilization was impressive ", says Violeta Brînzea, PR specialist, project coordinator.

In this sense, the performances are filmed on the stage of the Brasov Opera, they take place normally, as if the children were present in the hall, transmitting their positive energy to all artists. The films transposed on special storage devices mediate the connection between the Brașov Opera and all the educational institutions in the county, starting from kindergartens to schools and high schools.

The advantage of this project is that the show reaches the classroom directly through modern technology, the disadvantage being that interaction with artists and emotion will be completely absent… but we want to meet again with small spectators, as soon as possible, in the Brașov Opera .

"Power lies in art and not in wealth… Without art, the cruelty of reality would make the world unbearable!" - G.B. Shaw

The first beneficiaries of the project are the students of the Gymnasium Schools no. 5, no. 12 and no. 15 from the city of Brașov. They will have the opportunity to watch, in the week of May 17 - 21, 2021, the show "Gulliver in the Land of Dwarves", on the music of Marius Țeicu and the script of Silvia Kerim. Artistic direction: Anda Tabacaru. Scenography: Rodica Garștea. Choreography: Nermina Damian. The soloists, the choir and the ballet of the Brașov Opera compete.

Ticket price: 10 lei

The Brașov Opera is scheduled for Saturday, May 22th, 2021, from 6.30 pm, in the hall on Bisericii Române Street no. 51, the collage show entitled "The operetta sings and dances", with the script and the director's conception signed by Lăcrămioara Schuller, after an idea by Carmen Dobrescu. "The red thread of this show is the woman and the love stories of the operettas. Even if we do not recognize, we adults need to escape from the ashes of everyday life - especially in these strange and turbulent times. We need to feed the child within us. with the hope of good, beautiful, serene and, above all, a happy ending.The beautiful, bright, delicious and lively stories of operettas and of the characters who "live" in operettas give us the chance to dream, to dream. it transposes us into another reality - the reality of a story life, which real life will never let us live ", confesses Lăcrămioara Schuller.

The program of this show-collage is built on the idea of ​​a show by Carmen Dobrescu. A lot of joy, energy, expressiveness, joy and expansion on stage will ensure the successful network of this event proposed by the Brașov Opera. Each operetta title presented, "Countess Maritza", "Princess of the Circus", "Silvia" by E. Kálmán, "Victoria and her hussar" by P. Abraham, will benefit from its own scenography, signed by Rodica Garștea. In this show, we will also enjoy arias from the operettas "Paganini", "The Merry Widow" by Fr. Lehár and "The Fiancé of the Moon" by E. Künneke. We will have the opportunity to listen to and follow almost all the soloists of the Brașov Opera: Aurelia Florian, Alexandru Aghenie, Asineta Răducan, Liviu Iftene, Mădălina Bourceanu, Mihai Irimia, Valentina Mărgăraș, Valentin Marele, Nicoleta Chirilă, Ștefan Schuller, Maria Catrina Lorand Cristian, Corina Klein, Cristina Roșu, Simona Manole, together with the lyrical artists: Alina Ichim, Mugurel Oancea, Andromeda Nemeș. Ballet soloists: Anamaria Boancă, Mihaela Pop, Dorin Mirea. Violin solo: Constantin Condoiu. The Orchestra, Choir and Ballet of the Brașov Opera give their competition. At the conducting desk will be the master Traian Ichim. Scenography: Rodica Garștea. Choir conductor: Dragoș-Mihai Cohal. Choreography: Cristina Rotundu, Ioan Dorin Coșeriu, Mihai Mândruțiu. Choreography assistant: Iulia Coșeriu. Stage director: Silvia Papadopoulos.

Ticket price: 30 lei - Category: General access

Tickets for the show "Operetta sings and dances" went on sale on Wednesday, May 12th, 2021, both online, on the website www.bilet.ro, and at the headquarters of the Brașov Opera in Bisericii Române Street no. 51. Cashier Schedule: Monday - Friday 10 - 17 and one hour before the start of the show (if tickets remain available). Information can be obtained by phone: 0268-419380.

In the 2020 - 2021 season, children's access to opera and operetta performances is allowed from the age of 7!

At the events of the Brașov Opera, the access of the spectators will be allowed only after the temperature measurement will be performed. Wearing a mask is mandatory! The spacing between the seats will be observed. Please, if you have symptoms of a respiratory infection, stay home so as not to endanger yourself or the other participants in the event.

Translated by Alma Teodora Miron,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year I
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu