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“This isn’t an ending, but a beginning” – casademuzicieni.ro – official launch

Monday, 8 November 2021 , ora 11.03

Yesterday afternoon (November 2nd), I found on Anton Pann Street, no. 20, in Bucharest, a spirit that I have not perceived in the Romanian cultural space for a long time - a form of normality, beautifully placed in territories that access an apparently lost history, but reclaimed by the present coordinates. The website casedemuzicieni.ro was officially launched. The idea belongs toour colleague Monica Isăcescu, which has been on his line of unique projects in tandem with ȘtefanCostache for ages. I asked who has priority. I was answered that none of them. As a manager, Ștefan moderated this event, which was broadcast live on the Facebook pages of RadioRomânia Muzical station, of Case de muzicieni, as well as on the page of Anton Pann memorial house. Monica Isăcescu presented the key data of this very important website for the musical history of Bucharest together with Ștefan Costache and talked about houses not only as buildingsbut as history bearers, the musician sometimes resonating with the chosen space, when history didn't force him to something else. The website brings together for now 30 portraits of musiciansand 37 pages of houses presented bilingually.

Ioana Georgescu Răileanu, daughter of conductor George Georgescu and emotionally invested inthis, offered invaluable testimonies. The website casedemuzicieni.ro recalls the values of the past, which thus become the present and the present opens to the future - the continuous saving thread is created. The music personalities who crossed the threshold of George Georgescu's house were reminded as well, top names of the international stage - Arthur Rubinstein, Pablo Casals, Jacques Thibaud, Yehudi Menuhin, Sviatoslav Richter, David Oistrakh, and the most important Romanian musicians, starting with George Enescu. I quote Ioana Georgescu Răileanu: "They are revived for the public, especially in these times when we need excellence, and their memory makes us proud."

For architect Andreea Mihaela Chirca, this was detective work carried out from ground zero. Shedeclared that she had put the pieces together as in a puzzle - the important thing is to feel each place individually, having access to the very rich information of the website, which presents the owner's biography, the architectural and historical data of the house, as well as, in some cases, the testimonies of great value offered by the descendants and the disciples of the masters concerned.

I remind you the complete team that worked on this website: ȘtefanCostache - manager of the project, the musicologists Monica Isăceascu, Ioana Marghita, Larisa Clempuș, PetreFugaciu, all broadcast-makers at Radio România Muzical, Andra Aron - photography, Maria Monica Bojin -translationto English, Daniel Ivașcu - Web Designer and member of Imago Mundi.

Anton Pann house, a small, labyrinthine, modernised space, presents a collection of images from old Bucharest and another one of traditional instruments, opposed to the Anton Pann memorial house in Râmnicu-Vâlcea, which preserves the peasant architecture and the countless objects belonging to the author (of course, we wait for the project to be extended to the whole country), so the Anton Pann house still hosted a concert by the Imago Mundi group, so well suited to the context. Yesterday, it had been 167 years since the death of the man "Who, in his books,/Is read as Anton Pann". And those attending this event listened with great delight to the so inspired arrangements of such pieces like "Barbu the Fiddler", "Die, old man, so that your longing can die" as well as to a repertoire found in the album "Wellspring - Constantin Brâncuși" by Cătălin Ștefănescu Pătrașcu: "The way back home", "The doina of the Olt" and "Gorjienne" - music reverently listened to, awakening new impulses of Romanian pride. The ending brought a sense of fulfillment, and the proper congratulations were given over a glass of wine, pretzels, and notespicked from "The Story of the Word", received from the curator of the Anton Pann Museum: "you tell the blind in vain that the sun has risen, you sing in vain to the deaf about lamentation."

Marina Nedelcu
Translated by Camelia Diaconu,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year I
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu