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A day of November with Maxim Belciug. Guitar recital

Wednesday, 17 November 2021 , ora 15.17

It's concert night on Sunday, 21st of November 2021, starting from 19:30, at the Bucharest Teatrul de Artă. Beloved guitarist Maxim Belciug returns to the stage at Street Sfântul Ștefan 21to offer one of those solo recitals where the guitar ceases to be a mere instrument and instead turns into an orchestra, a wave of colours, of rustling sounds, of nuances and emotions. And this orchestra can play anything: baroque and tango, maybe a Tchaikovsky, a sonata, caprices, a fandango kicking up dust in the air as skirts bounce, some fugue, some rondo or even some improv on the spot, competing with the art of forgetting. "Music stubborn enough to distinguish itself from the sound of the resonating silvers, passed from one hand to another in a fairly rhythmic fashion",is what the guitarist at one point said himself, referring to his prolific guitar, which made him known as the artist of Joy.


Maxim Belciug in a solo guitar recital is simply a delight,people wouldn't be talking about him if it wasn't so. A guitarist with visions from the tips of his fingers and that exceeds expectationsevery time through sounds playing by the rhythm of the heart and an understanding of the melody that can only be achievedthrough a perfected technique. And his exuberant guitar cries, loves and dances one and a thousand voices with a range of sounds so varied, that you can't tell ifthey are still poetic, or warm, or turbulent, or sounds of pure comfort, serine peace. If you already had the privilege of seeing Maxim Belciug live on the stage, alone with his guitar, then this reunion will be that much more pleasant. If you still haven't taken part in this wonderful event, it is time to treat yourselves on a November night. It will be just like in Borges' verse: "a symbol, a rose knocks you down and a guitar can kill you".

The concert will take place Sunday on the 21st of November starting from 19:30 in the concert hall of the Bucharest Teatrul de Artă, on street Sfântul Ștefan 21. Tickets are avaiable on eventbook.ro and mystage.ro. The event will take place under all neccessary measures to ensure the safety of the spectators during this period.


Translated by Jin-Cristian Yang,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year II
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu