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A musical theater show about one of the most powerful women of the 20th century, with the British soprano Sarah Gabriel and the Romanian pianist Florian Mitrea

Wednesday, 15 December 2021 , ora 20.13

Tomorrow evening, from 7 p.m. on the stage of the Great Hall of ARCUB Gabroveni, an exceptional musical theater show will take place, to live jazz rhythms, with soprano voice, in a productionmade by one of the most famous British directors of Opera. The show that is brought to Romania during the 2021 "Hoinar" 2021" Festival, founded by the Romanian pianist Florian Mitrea, tells the story of journalist Dorothy Parker, who was in love with Hemingway. She was one of the most powerful women of the 20th century. The last tickets are available on bilete.ro, and the price of a ticket is 50 lei. Pupils, students and pensioners receive a 50% discount.

The audience in Bucharest can enjoy a unique musical theater show, for the first time in Romania and in a single performance, a combination of jazz music for piano, with soprano voice, in a production made by one of the most famous directors British Opera, on December 14th, from 19.00, at the Great Hall of the ARCUB Center.

The musical theater show, entitled Dorothy Parker goes on a journey!, brings to the fore the British actress and soprano Sarah Gabriel described by the prestigious daily The Guardian as a "refined and royal voice like champagne", who will be accompanied on piano by the Romanian pianist Florian Mitrea, acclaimed by the famous Carnegie Hall stage and professor at the Royal Academy of Music in London. After a text written by soprano Sarah Gabriel herself, the show is a bittersweet comedy about the life and personality of twentieth-century American journalist Dorothy Parker, who has gone down in history as a fighter for equal rights,in love with Hemingway and muse of a group of writers and artists at the Algonquin Hotel restaurant, similar to the group of poets at Casa Capșa. The story is illustrated with jazz music composed, among others, by George Gershwin, Kurt Weill and Harold Arlen - the composer of the famous song Somewhere over the rainbow.

"This show is perhaps the story of the oppressed, the underdog, who through tenacity manages to defeat a system, to produce a revolution, told through comic theater and jazz music. Dorothy was a very talented writer, but unlucky - she lived in an age when the world of writers was almost exclusively a world of men, and Hemingway, whom she worshiped as an idol, and secretly adored as a man, treated her with coldness and ferocious cruelty.Gershwin, the child of a poor family of Russian Jews emigrating to the United States, lived in poverty, playing football with African-American children on the streets of New York's infamous neighborhoods, and not even hearing a musical note until the age of ten. . Dorothy leads a group of writers, remaining in history through her poems and proverbs, and Gershwin manages to give voice in his music to the entire American culture, becoming the greatest American composer of all time. It's a moving story of triumph over hardship, told with laughter, jazz music and meaningful lyrics. "-

Florian Mitrea, pianist

The director of this musical theater show, Dorothy Parker, is on a journey! is Richard Williams, who began his career at the well-known National Theater in London and is awarded several reference prizes, including the Royal Philharmonic Society's Best Performance Award. The assistant director is the Romanian Dana Paraschiv, whose recent production is making waves on the stages in New York, London, Stockholm or Oxford.

The last tickets for the show are available on the website www.bilete.ro, at this link. The price of a ticket is 50 RON, and pupils, students and pensioners benefit from a discounted ticket - 25 RON.

The "Hoinar" festival continues on December 17th and 18th with a series of master classes given by pianist Florian Mitrea at the George Enescu National College of Music.

Translated by Alexandra Gruia,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year II
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu