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The Romanian National Opera from Bucharest at Dubai – Expo 2020

Wednesday, 19 January 2022 , ora 16.03

The mezzo-soprano Ruxandra Donose, the soprano Teodora Gheorghiu, the baritone Iordache Basalic, the tenor Daniel Magdal, the Bucharest National Opera Orchestra conducted by conductor Daniel Jinga had a concert last night on the stage of the Dubai World Expo -Expo 2020. You will find out how it was from the reportage made by Adina Dragomir from Radio România Cultural:

"I'd like to sing to you more, but time is up", says Ruxandra Donose, mezzo-soprano at the end of the concert to the hundreds of people who no longer wanted to leave. The organizers were already sanitizing the hall the spectactors from all over the world were still applauding.

We had to stop them....

"Yes, because it was required. We didn't expect it. We went out twice. We began to move away from the stage and the rythimc applause made us turn around. A sort of bis would have been required. " And then maestro Dnaiel Jinga told us: Who is taking the floor now to explain in English that we can't perform anymore because we're running out of time?

"In fact, we all have the same soul. We like the same things, we like the same music. "- Daniel Jing.

A couple of musician from Iran who came to visit Expo Dubai heard the music coming out of one of the flag and sat down to listen: "We came to the exhibition last weekend. We are used to the traditional Iranian music. I play a traditional Iranian instrument. My wife plays the piano. It's incredible what beautiful voices I've heard!"

"I'm from Taiwan, but I work here in Dubai. I just got out from work. I arrived a few minutes ago. I really like what I hear. It's very good."

A fifteen years old girl from Singapore and one from the United States on holiday in Dubai: "I have never listened to this kind of music before". I really like the violin! I like the violin too! And I really like the voices of the ladies".

Thirty years ago Dubai was a desert cut off by a road to Abu Dhabi. Today, it's the host of the world exhibition Expo 2020. The Romanian pavillion may not be as science-fiction as others, but it is probably the most interactive of all the expo. Visitors learn to work in the wood, to sew Romanian patterns or to listen to music performed by Romanian artists.

Ferdinand Naggy, Comissioner General of Romania at the Dubai 2020 World Expo : "The uniqueness of our pavillion is represented by this human factor. After all, we have artists who evolve on the pavillion stage, we have artists who create on the pavillion stage, artists who present mineral waters as this is also an art after all."

This reminds me of the words of Sheikh Zayd bin Sultan of Nayhan: "Wealth does not lie in money". Wealth lies in people".

Expo 2020 Dubai will end on April 1st , 2022.

Translated by Andreea Gabriela Ștefan,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year II
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu