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Kodály's 'Háry János' at the Hungarian Opera in Cluj

Friday, 21 January 2022 , ora 13.08

Briefly, the theme of the play "Háry János"follows an incredible series of heroic events that took place during the military service of an old hungarian peasant. However, there are much more meaningful events happening. English music historian, Edward J. Dent admits this fact, when, after a decade from the play's premiere (October 6th, 1926, Budapest), he writes that Háry is an enigma, one that is easy to recognize but hard to decypher. Humor, satire and subliminal messages, altogether in one place.

The fact that Kodály's stage works do not fall exactly into the category of opera is explained by the choice of their subject. The authentic peasant characters presented on the composer's stage can speak only through their specific voice, namely that of the folk song. And with its short, solid and round form, the folk song is a completed piece of music. So it can only be a libretto, a text that can support, or rather ask for such musical forms. This piece therefore does not need formal solutions of the work. Although he knows the technique of musical discourse, Kodály does not need it, so he does not use it on stage. He does not attach himself to a particular genre, but seeks the right form for his message. The booklet "Háry" turned out to be exactly this form.


Háry János - Sándor Csaba

Örzse - Veress Orsolya

Mária-Lujza - Fülöp-Gergely Tímea (debut)

The Emperor Francisc, Napoleon, Judge - Ádám János

The Empress - Hary Judit

The Knight Ebelasztin - Madarász Lóránt

Uncle Marci, Innkeeper - Szilágyi János

Pupil, Gatekeeper, Footman, Guardian, The General Dufla - Gergely Elek

The General Krucifix, The Gatekeeper Burkus- Rétyi Zsombor

The Countess Melusina - Mányoki Mária

The Baroness Estrella - Ádám Éva

With the participation of the choir, orchestra and ballet ensemble of the Hungarian Opera

Set design: Ralph Zeger · Costume: Szabó Emese · Choreography: Jakab Melinda · Concertmaster: Barabás Sándor, Ferenczi Endre · Choir: Kulcsár

Szabolcs · Co-star: Incze G. Katalin, Nagy Gergő, Horváth Zoltán · Sufleur: Kostyák Júlia · Technicaldirection: Lőrincz Lili

With the participation of the members of the Hungarian Children's Choir from Cluj

Musical preparation of the Children's Choir: Kálló Krisztián

Conductor: Kulcsár Szabolcs

Directed by Szabó Emese

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We respectfully inform you that, due to the value of the incidence of SARS-COV-19, participation in the events of the Hungarian Opera in Cluj is allowed only with a certificate of immunity. The certificates can be downloaded from the website https://certificat-covid.gov.ro .

Thank you for understanding!

We are waiting for you at the show on Thursday, January 20th, 2022, at 6.30 pm!

Translated by Ana Spînu,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year I
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu