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25 years with Radio România Muzical - the messages of the listeners

Monday, 28 March 2022 , ora 9.50

Some of the messages from our listeners, thoughts on our anniversary on March 24th. The messages will be broadcast on the radio throughout the day on March 24th.

"Music can turn a troubled soul into a cathedral. Vasile Ghica" Thank you. - Mihaela Mușat, Tulcea

The morning dose of Radio România Muzical is a fresh air that caresses my soul and puts me on the symphony of the day. - Tayebi Javid, Voluntari

Radio România Muzical is for me the gateway to the Great Music. The shows I listen to every day are food for the soul, balm for the heart and support my mind in the effort to cope with the daily tumult. Congratulations to the dedicated people who are in fact the ones who follow their vocation and last but not least the Voice of the radio station. For as many years as possible together in peace and without problems. - Negulescu Anda, Bucharest

Happy 25th! Thank you for introducing me to my favorite piano and violin song "Primavera" by Ludovico Einaudi :) - Sîngeap Dragoș, Bucharest

A radio that makes you want to listen! - Roxana Balica, United Kindom

Congratulations! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! You do an excellent job. Attention, you can be the binder (which is now missing!) necessary to unite and build a different kind of citizen, much more responsible, more serious, more diligent. Ladies and gentlemen, build not only for this geographical-cultural space, but for everyone. This is what the essence of the human being obliges you to do! Success! NB. Not many countries have such a cultural infrastructure! - Gh. Piloiu, Rm. Vâlcea

Good evening! I made the most beautiful trips around the country listening to you. It may be hard to believe, but many of the lessons I teach students have the extraordinary vibe of your station's music. - Pleșa Alin Marian, Gura-Ocniței

I listen to you every day. You've been my good music teacher for years. I wish you the same good and inspired program from now on. - Costin Călărașu, Ploiești

Reverence for the institution and its dedicated team, who bring to my home every day the few joys I still have: the music of the world! Happy anniversary, Radio România Muzical! - Lotreanu Monica, Bucharest

Please continue to delight our souls with musical jewelry. We need it so much ... Happy 25th! - Bogdan Gamaleț, Bucharest

The only radio station in Romania that keeps the door wide open to those, past and present, who have translated the universe of deep vibrations that touch, cultivate and heal the spirit. Happy anniversary to the whole team, hard work and confidence that you are transmitting the essence of humanity and joy! We look forward to hearing from you and wishing you not only to celebrate 25 years together, but to look forward to the next few years with exciting new projects! - Gheorghe Diana, Bucharest

Thank you for the comfort you bring to our souls and congratulations on these first 25 years, wishing you many more! - Petrache Bogdan, Corbeanca

For me, it is a personal celebration of March 24th, 1997. RRM has been with me and my family for better or worse for all these 25 years. I love your voices, the jingles, the old and new shows, the stubbornness with which you resisted on the market and in more delicate moments, the tours of strength during the festival years, the refuge of peace and culture that you always offer to everyone. Thank you for countless beautiful memories and I wish you a long life, inspiration, growth in everything and keep it up! - Crenguța Nicolae, Bucharest

România Muzical is a blessing, a wonderful food for the soul. Happy birthday to all the filmmakers who give beauty every day! - Moșteanu Diana, Câmpulung

For 25 years RRM has been by my side morning after morning. The exaltation of the soul and the way it changes the sound of a 400-year-old violin or the pleasure of being part of a musical dream created by someone who still lives after hundreds of years because you listen to it cannot be expressed in words. Thank you for the effort to exist in these times when culture is a pariah - when in fact it is the most important part of us - if not the very definition of humanity! Happy Anniversary! Stop the war! - Abaza Ștefan, Târgoviște

I'm a permanent listener to this radio station. Even though I know the difference between the music listened to in the concert hall and the one recorded, I am satisfied with the radio because I find it harder to get to the cities where there are concert halls. We tried to persuade the local authorities to at least partially fund a micro-season of concerts. You know the answer: "We don't have money, we have other priorities, the world doesn't come to concerts anyway, etc." So, according to our fellow citizen Celibidache, those who can't afford to taste the mineral waters of Baden, is satisfied with a photo. Which I do too. - Ovidiu Gheorghe Trifan, Roman

Happy Anniversary! Twenty-five is the best age, and I want you to enjoy it to the fullest. I am happy to have discovered Radio România Muzical, which I am constantly listening to constantly. It has been a privilege and an honor for me to be a part of this project and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this unique opportunity. I wish you a long, happy life with a well-deserved audience! Success. I can't post music, but it can only be the theme of Indiana Jones: beautiful, melodious, victorious and adventurous, as I wish you to be! Sincerely, Cristian Apetrei - Pittsburgh PA, USA

Good morning, I listen to your shows all the time and congratulate you on your hard work. Be blessed! - Albu Angela, Sibiu

Happy anniversary, Radio România Muzical, my soul radio! My greatest joy is to start my morning by turning on the radio on your frequency. To as many enchanting shows as possible! - Andreea Tudose, Bucharest

Happy Anniversary! A first quarter of a century of joy through the music you offer us. There were so many wonderful moments that I couldn't make a ranking. As much good music as possible! With all the love. - Valentin Anton, Bucharest

Happy anniversary, Radio România Muzical !!! You were born in the same year as my son and, like him, you fill my life with beauty! You are part of my daily life and you enrich my soul, making my life bearable, which has become so difficult in the last two years. I think you are the radio station with the most titled people, in fact I think you are the only station with a completely professional team, with passionate and dedicated people. Happy anniversary, I wish you well and I bow respectfully in front of the whole team !!! 🎼🎶🎵 - Margo Chirilă, Bucharest️

Radio România Muzical shows are a real balm, an ingredient without which the activity (at home, in the office) would not make sense! Too bad you don't broadcast on FM - in the car we catch the station Bartok Bella from Hungary, but Radio Muzical NO! Couldn't we write in a timely manner what music we listen to (as in radioclassique, for example)? Thank you for existing! - Olimpia Dorina Pop, Satu Mare

Have a great program with classical music, congratulations! - Roșca Mariana, Arad

Thank you for accompanying me everywhere since I grew up. I also have students who like to listen to your radio station. A few years ago, they even showed me on TV teaching math on Mozart's background music. - Stanciu Adriana, Bucharest

Congratulations and good luck! - Olaru Aurel, Arad

Hello, Thank you Radio România Muzical for having existed and we have been enjoying, for 25 years, high quality music and shows and outfits. I confess that, during the pandemic, when the theaters and concert halls were closed, Radio Romania Muzical was, for me, the way to escape from the state of blackness and sadness in which we all found ourselves. Happy Anniversary, with health and joy, to the entire team of R. R. Muzical! All the respect and appreciation, Cristina Seltea-Gheorghief- Bucharest

Happy anniversary, RRM! Thank you for everything you do, keep up the good work, you are a great person! - Marian Angela, Simeria

A true friend who makes our life more beautiful, more interesting and ... more exciting through the proposed contests! - Minela Crăciun, Bucharest

I am 26 years old and I have been listening to RRM for 25 :) Now I realize that this radio station is part of my life in a very intimate way. Thank you! - Siluan, Bucharest

Happy Anniversary! Thank you for existing and for promoting culture! Have accomplishments you don't even expect! - Iana Ovidiu, Buzau

Happy Anniversary! Music and shows as beautiful as possible. A radio that delights my soul every day with the best music. A grade 10 radio. - Moldoveanu Cristian, Tulcea

It's so good that you are! PS: You're over Bartok radio! Get out of the comfort zone and that helps! - Radu Pădurariu, Bucharest

You are wonderful RR Muzical! Happy Anniversary! - Pop Vasile, Șimleu Șilvaniei

Translated by Alina Burciu,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year I
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu