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Reportage from the concert held by the Radio Chamber Orchestra on January 18th

Wednesday, 25 January 2023 , ora 11.07

Yesterday evening, January 18th, the first concert of the Radio Chamber Orchestra this year took place, under the baton of Johann Stuckenbruck. The public could admire Andrei Ioniță, who performed in a double soloist pose, on piano and cello. The program started with Symphony no. 1 "Classic" by Sergei Prokofiev, in which the dynamism and gestural clarity of the American conductor were transposed into the evolution of the orchestra members.

Next, Andrei Ioniță performed the solo score of Concert no. 23, in A major, for piano and orchestra by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The young musician was rewarded by the large audience with long applause, offering as an encore the Sonata in B minor, K27, by Domenico Scarlatti, dedicated to Professor Mihaela Nemțeanu, the one who guided his first steps in studying the piano.

After the break, the music lovers at Sala Radio enjoyed the audition of two opuses created by Joseph Haydn: Symphony no. 49 "La passione" and Concerto No. 1, in C major, for cello and orchestra. And this time, Andrei Ioniță's solo performance was rewarded by those present with enthusiastic applause, after which he offered two encores: AllaTurca by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Aria from Suite III by Johann Sebastian Bach, with the participation of the cello part of the Radio Chamber Orchestra.

At the end of the concert, the cellist Andrei Ioniță offered autographs on the album "Beethoven", recently published by the Casa Radio Publishing House, which contains Beethoven opuses made together with the violinist Ioana Cristina Goicea and the pianist Daria Tudor, in the Radio Romania studios.

We also offer you impressions of those present at yesterday's event:

Cellist Andrei Ioniță: It was an unforgettable experience to make my debut in Bucharest as a pianist. It is always a pleasure and an honor to delight the home crowd.

Conductor Johann Stuckenbruck: "Andrei Ioniță is wonderful, a talented musician. The orchestra was also extraordinary during all the time I spent with it. It was a very beautiful experience, I felt wonderful."

Liliana Staicu - Director of Radio Orchestras and Choirs: We wanted to create an event at the beginning of the second part of the season and I am very happy that we succeeded. The audience was absolutely wonderful, they reacted wonderfully to everything we proposed. It was a unique concert and I'm glad that Andrei Ioniță was able to show that he is both an absolutely sensational cellist and a wonderful pianist.

Mihaela Nemțeanu - piano teacher at Music School no. 3:You can't help but be moved by such an event, especially when you know Andrei since he was a child. I watched his entire development and at every performance I was left in awe, which is a constant surprise, even to those who knew him intimately.

Marin Cazacu, cellist, manager of the "George Enescu" Philharmonic from Bucharest: An extraordinary, sensational event. It rarely happens that in Romania we have a performer who masters the two instruments, cello and piano, so well. Rarely do we have a performer who penetrates so extraordinarily into the music of Mozart and Haydn, and rarely do we have a performer who represents us on both instruments, across the globe.

Cristina Lascu, TV producer: I experienced a completely and utterly exceptional evening, two Princes Charming with a star in their forhead, I would say, Andrei Ioniță the cellist and Andrei Ioniță the pianist. It's like Janus the two-faced, but in the good sense of the word. A versatile personality, as well, in the best sense of the word, who manages to encompass, even though he is still very young, a complexity of emotions, experiences, feelings, reflected in music, but through these two ways of approaching music and of the musical language offered by two different instruments, the piano and the cello.

Reportage made by Ioana Țintea
Translated by Medeea Alexandra Stan,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year II
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu