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The start of the RRM broadcast in Iași; pianist Alexandra Dariescu and the "Moldova" Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Tiberiu Soare

Wednesday, 29 March 2023 , ora 12.48

In Iași, the festival continued on Friday evening by which Radio România Muzical, which celebrated, on March 24th, 26 years of existence on-air, marks the inauguration of its new frequency, 95.4 FM, on which it can be heard in Iași. The symphony orchestra of the "Moldova" Philharmonic was conducted by Tiberiu Soare, in a concert about which Lucian Haralambie tells us:

Prelude to Act III of the opera "Lohengrin" by Richard Wagner was the first work performed yesterday evening at the Student Culture Center in Iași. A large audience was present at the third event of the Festival organized by Radio România Music and the main musical institutions from Iași, to mark the debut of the broadcast on a new frequency, in Iași. Then, together with the "Moldova" Philharmonic Orchestra and the conductor Tiberiu Soare - Alexandra Dariescu, born in Iași, where she began her piano studies, is currently one of the most relevant Romanian musical names at the international level. She was the soloist of Edvard Grieg's Concerto in A minor.

"This girl is amazing! It's a success, proof that the audience was so attached to her... she recived a 5 times standing ovation. I've never met a soloist who was so applauded." - Adrian Mogoș, lawyer

"It was a dream! A concert I've been waiting for a long time, but this wonderful girl exceeded my expectations. I'm glad to see a lot of youth in the hall that didn't exist before." - Rodica Stanciu, doctor

"I had such an emotional charge that only happens at home. It was extraordinary! The orchestra played so well. The colleagues I grew up with in school here... Of course, it was extraordinary to see Tiberiu Soare again. The evening audience was so close and so generous in applause! I can't believe it. Welcome to Iași! I'm so happy about this! Radio Romania Muzical is such a good friend to me and everyone who works there it's close to me and everywhere I go, you go with me. Now it's wonderful that you've come to Iași, in a city of such great importance, and we welcome you with the most open arms." - pianist Alexandra Dariescu, after last night's performance with the "Moldova" Philharmonic Orchestra.

The ensemble conducted by Tiberiu Soare ended the concert with the 9th Symphony "From the New World" by Antonín Dvoűák.

"It was uplifting, majestic, splendid, wonderful interpretation! Tiberiu Soare did not disappoint us, as always. A wonderful evening!"

The conductor Tiberiu Soare spoke, in the end, about the collaboration with the members of the "Moldova" Philharmonic Orchestra: "The Iași orchestra gave everything tonight and it was felt. I felt very close to them. Both soulfully and mentally. I am in good shape very good and I'm glad that I hit exactly this apex of their form. With Alexandra... I can't tell you what an interpretation she had at the Grieg Concert! She's a fascinating musician, Alexandra Dariescu, for me. I enjoyed the evening. It was a celebration! It's easy to remember the frequency, 95.4, for Iachens. I think it's a big step forward. Quality music will always be a benchmark for the cultural life of any place. And, above all, in Iasi, which is such an important cultural center."

Translated by Georgiana-Carmen Rădulescu,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year II
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu