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“About music and life” with violinist Sherban Lupu

Thursday, 27 April 2023 , ora 10.47

"My whole life has been cradled by the violin, by music", said Sherban Lupu in an interview. A life in which the violin was the focal point of many generations- as passion to reach the rang of profession, in the case of the musician whose career has begun early on the Romanian stages, for later continuing on other meridians of the world.

A name which many Romanians have only discovered after the 90's, when it returned to its native land, after building a beautiful career in western Europe and the United States of America.

A name which music lovers of Romania associate much with Enescu's music sheets, which the artist brought into view, interpreted first and promoted throughout the world...

A book, published in 2022 in Brașov, based on the dialogue between violinist S.L. and archived documents kept by his family, describes him as a "Travelling Violinist" and this attribute seems to refer not only to the geographical routes that his biography covered, but also to the historic ones, for the road through time of this musician has crossed years of complicated events which left a dramatic impact on several generations, crucial moments which left an imprint on many families from that period.

Sherban Lupu from Brașov, was born in the year 1952 and he grew up in the era in which parents or grandparents were evicted overnight from their own houses and they were desperately trying to find shelter and struggling to survive... An era in which one of the parents was sent to forcibly work at the canal, which would later connect the Danube and the sea. An era in which the feeling of uneasiness gloomed over the days and nights of many people..

Descendant of a family with old roots in the history and culture of Transylvania, Sherban Lupu returned after decades to his native land, to plead- through music-, for the perpetuity of the values, for the strenght of communication that this art of sounds hold, an art which does not need words, but...dedication, grace, thoughness. He returned and organized festivals of chamber music with guests from home and from abroad, bringing forth primarily George Enescu's creation, but also the creation of other of his contemporary musicians or of their descendants who have devoted themselves to the prestige of Romania's compositional style.

With discretion and a little reluctance, the musician talks about his career path, about the confirmation that he received overseas, about searches and succes but especially about the "luck of encountering wonderful people", artists whoce grace and faith, dedication and care have contributed to the chiseling of his personality through time...With the generosity of an authenic performer, of a professor and of one whotook great care of organizing exceptional cultural events, Sherban Lupu has offered the listeners the chance of hearing some of his rare recording...

From Tuesday, April 25th, at 19.00, the first of the produced editions "About music and life...", starting from the dialogue with maestro Sherban Lupu.

Anca Ioana Andriescu
Translated by Georgiana Morozii,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year I
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu