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The Madrigal Choir undertakes a grandiose tour in the United States – from East to West, in the most beautiful cathedrals and historic buildings

Monday, 11 December 2023 , ora 11.04

●For 10 days, the National Chamber Choir 'Madrigal - Marin Constantin' was in the United States as part of the anniversary tour " Madrigal 60 - The Magic of Winter", the first in America in 35 years.

Over a thousand spectators applauded the Madrigal Choir in the monumental National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

●In premiere for the Romanian artists, the Madrigal Choir performed in the American Congress in Washington, as well as in the famous Times Square in New York.

●The volume : Corul Madrigal în arhivele securității - Turneele în S.U.A('The Madrigal Choir in the Archives of the Security Services - Tours in the U.S.') was launched in New York.

●On Romania's National Day, the Madrigal Choir celebrated by singing the national anthem during their flight from Washington to Chicago.

At the audience request, the Extraordinary Concert in Chicago was performed again.

At the invitation of the Embassy of Romania in the United States, the National Chamber Choir 'Madrigal - Marin Constantin' held seven concerts and recitals in four major American cities: New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Seattle, in halls too small for the audienceeager to listen to them.

Record number of spectators

With a spectacular repertoire of carols, Rennaissance and universal music, the Madrigan Choir conducted by Anna Ungureanu and Cezar Verlan has performed for over 6000 spectators from both coasts of America - Romanians settled in the U.S., U.S. spectators, tourists and officials from both countries. In many of the halls, seats were supplemented during the concert days. In Chicago, at the request of the important community of Romanians in Illinois, the Madrigal Choir has held another concert.

Concerts in the most prestigious cathedrals and historic buildings in America.

The concerts and recitals took place in fully packed prestigious concert halls, as well as in several iconic American locations: the 'Speaker Nancy Pelosi Room' in the U.S. Congress - an absolute premiere, Saint John the Divine Cathedral - the largest Episcopal cathedral in the world, and in the monumental National Cathedral in Washington, considered 'a sacred space where America gathers in moments of national importance,' with over 1,000 spectators in attendance.

Surprises for People: The concerts announced in the tour program were complemented by surprise recitals created by Madrigal members themselves. Located in the famous Times Square in New York, the Madrigal Choir surprised tourists with a flash mob where they sang traditional Romanian music and carols. Also, on Romania's National Day, at an altitude of over 10,000 meters, the Madrigal members created a special moment. 'Deșteaptă-te, române!' (the Romanian national anthem) and the American anthem were heard on board the plane heading to Chicago, much to the delight of passengers and the plane's crew.

The Madrigal Choir's tour also included an editorial premiere associated with the MADRIGAL 60 anniversary program: the international launch in New York of the volume 'Corul Madrigal în arhivele securității - Turneele în S.U.A: între libertatea muzicii și limitele sistemului comunist' ('The Madrigal Choir in the Archives of Security - Tours in the U.S.: Between the Freedom of Music and the Limits of the Communist System'), written by journalist Monica Lup.

The Madrigal, invited to perform again in the U.S. and Canada

"We can say that, after 35 years, the Madrigal reconqueredthe U.S.A. again. You can't imagine how many applause has Romania received, and how many tears of joy this absolutely phenomenal choir brought. After 7 exceptional events which the Madrigal held in only 10 days, 15 more invitations to perform in U.S.A and Canada came for the following year.I understand, once again, that what the world needs, and Madrigal can offer, is EMOTION. Authentic emotion, supported by undeniable talent and the desire to bring goodness everywhere. The entire Madrigal team represented the country at the highest level of professionalism, and I thank them for this. I bow in front of those who understood how necessary it is for the whole world to hear the Madrigal: the Minister of Culture, the Embassy of Romania in the United States, and the Romanian Cultural Institute"- said Emil Pantelimon, manager of the National Chamber Choir "Madrigal - Marin Constantin".

Organized by the Embassy of Romania in the United States together with the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York, with the generous support of the Ministry of Culture and sponsors Banca Transilvania, Vodafone, ING, UiPath, and Fan Courier, the anniversary tour of the Madrigal Choir marked Romania's National Day and anticipated the winter holidays.

The Madrigal Choir's tour in the USA is part of the MADRIGAL 60 anniversary program, which includes an extensive series of cultural events throughout the year 2023. The program commemorates 60 years of uninterrupted activity, excellence in music, and cultural diplomacy by the Madrigal Choir, which has become a symbol of national artistic achievement and an ambassador of Romania's image worldwide.

Video images from the tour available here- https://rb.gy/2dv9nz


Founded in 1963 by the legendary musician and conductor Marin Constantin (1925-2011), the National Chamber Choir 'Madrigal - Marin Constantin has become a reference point in national and international musical and cultural diplomacy. It is defined by its distinctive sound, non-vibrato technique, stereophonic placement on stage, and imposing costumes. Its repertoire spans the Renaissance, pre-Classical and Classical music, Romanticism, Byzantine music, as well as contemporary Romanian and universal creations. The ensemble's stage presence and composition have been continually refined, leading critics to compare its performance to 'a Stradivarius violin in the hands of Paganini.

In November 2016, the National Chamber Choir 'Madrigal - Marin Constantin' was officially recognized as the Ambassador of Freedom, Hope, and Peace, receiving the 'Jean Nussbaum and Eleanor Roosevelt' award at the United Nations Palace in Geneva, during the Global Summit on Religion, Peace, and Security.

On March 1st, 2023, at the Palace of Parliament, the Senate of Romania officially inaugurated the 'Galleries Madrigal - Marin Constantin,' a dedicated space hosting cultural events and temporary and permanent exhibitions of the National Chamber Choir 'Madrigal - Marin Constantin.

Since 2011, the Madrigal Choir has been implementing the Cantus Mundi National Program, the largest social integration program through music for children in Romania. Initiated by Maestro Ion Marin, the program currently brings together over 1,800 choirs and more than 63,000 children from both the country and diaspora.

Translated by Georgiana Morozii,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year II
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu