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The start of the RRM broadcast in Iași - The Romanian National Opera in Iași premiers the show “Il Trovatore '' by Giuseppe Verdi

Wednesday, 29 March 2023 , ora 13.01

On Saturday, March 25th, the last event organized by Radio România Muzical took place together with the main musical institutions in Iași, on the occasion of the start of the station's broadcast on a new radio frequency dedicated to the city, namely 95.4 FM.

We learn more about this event from the reportage produced byLucian Haralambie.

On Saturday evening, at the "Vasile Alecsandri" National Theatre, the Romanian National Opera in Iași presented the premiere of "Il Trovatore'' by Giuseppe Verdi. Directed by Matteo Mazzoni together with one of the most experienced conductors when it comes to the Verdian repertoire at the lectern of the Orchestra and Choir of the Iași theater, namely David Crescenzi, we enjoyed a well-rounded and emotionally charged evening. The distribution was balanced. The opening is carried out by two young performers, namely the tenor Florin Guzgă, Manrico and the baritone Alexandru Constantin, Count di Luna, together with two of the most internationally acclaimed Romanian voices: the mezzo-soprano Carmen Topciu-Azucena and the soprano Cellia Costea, Leonora.

"Auspicious. The ensemble is well prepared. It's a harmony between the script, the musical score and the interpretation of the soloists. I acknowledge the baritone, who to me seems to be a talent. It was a good and beautiful premiere." - Eugen Munteanu

"The set is so simple … relying only on the light… compared to years ago when it was a huge challenge to be able to direct like that. But, it's fantastic what you can see! And their performance as well. They have very good voices. In a word, impeccable!" - Florin Blaj, teacher at the "George Apostu" National College of Art, Bacău.

"It's an exceptional show in all departments. I'm delighted to see that Radio România Muzical, finally, a station from Bucharest, is interested in Iași, in the National Opera in Iași. It's a point that Iași wins. I'm very happy because these shows are truly special."

You were mentioning earlier "a station from Bucharest". Now Radio România Muzical is also a radio station from Iași.

"From Iași as well, yes. We are thrilled. Iași has orchestras and shows of great importance. My name is Ilie Gorovei. I'm a teacher and besides that, I used to sing in the opera. This evening also represented an occasion to remind me of the old days."

"Il Trovatore is a bliss, an extraordinary event. When we refer to the popular trilogy, in the middle of it the extraordinary production that Giuseppe Verdi conceived and shown as a high-class Verdian creation, at a time in Verdi's absolute maturity can be found. Iași has demonstrated that it can, that it had a very strong artistic, aesthetic, musical potential, an intelligent leadership, which staged an extremely difficult show. Its value was proven by the intelligence with which this quartet was chosen first of all. It is the engine of the show and, of course, it was assisted by an Italian mind. Maestro Crescenzi put in the work to strengthen the intelligent of an extremely difficult show alongside an Italian director, who had the inspiration to suggest through his aesthetic and scenic intervention what the Trovatore event means in the universe of a dynasty of Aragon that cannot be ignored, in the sense that it also appears in Italy at some point. But, above all, Iași Opera, the management of the opera and the extraordinary team here deserve respect. The orchestra was in an exceptional form because it achieved a perfect harmony between the entries of the conductor and the very beautiful voices of the artists who were on stage. Formidable! An exceptional event! Trovatore is hard, very hard!" - Emil Popescu

There are opinions after Saturday night's performance at the Romanian National Opera in Iași, included in the festival organized by Radio România Muzical, between March 22nd and 25th, on the occasion of the start of the station's broadcast on a new frequency dedicated to the city: 95.4 FM.

It was a series of events that brought together prominent names in the contemporary performing arts, musicians originating from Iași, but also artists representing Radio România, about which, at the end, Cristina Comandașu, the manager of Radio România Muzical spoke:

"It was a hard time for us, but an extremely beautiful one I think for everyone, and first of all, for the audience. It was a mini-festival organized by us together with the main musical institutions in Iași, which showed what Radio România Muzical really means, which is value, tradition, a landmark and a very beautiful European face of Romania. I am very grateful to all those who helped us, too the artists because it was obvious that each of those who took part in this beautiful adventure of launching Radio România Muzical in Iași, the musicians I mean, did everything well, to really perform at the highest level. It was a bliss! It was a celebration! I hope everything continues the same. Not only in Iași, but for all of Romania. Soon, maybe we will have a national frequency."

Translated by Ioana Negrea,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year II
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu