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Tone Tinytone

Who is he?

The most uneducated of the Enchanted Forest residents, lazy with a huge appetite, liar and troublemaker, Tone Tinytone thinks very highly of himself. If he sets his mind on something, he cannot be persuaded to let go. For instance, that time when we ventured together into the tale about Peter and the wolf, he mistook the duck for the oboe. Now, every time he hears us mention the oboe, he must always add "the oboe is the duck!". Every now and then he realizes just what kind of a person he is, as he did that time when he saw Pocchettina's plan to wipe my memory clean fail. If you don't believe me you can listen to the "Scheherazade" for yourselves and you will find him saying "Oh what a fool I am! My God, what a fool!".

What does he do?

Generally he is not that fond of working but every now and then he does like to bake some pies for his tomcat called Tommy with a Bang which is, between you and me, the laziest tomcat that ever lived. But let us return to Tone Tinytone's list of activities: he buys a new cap every single day (he is very fond of his caps, this is why he usually wears two or three one on top of the other, or even more) and he is constantly in search of an object which would allow him to never work a single day in his life.

Tone Tinytone's hobbies

He enjoys everything that involves food: being offered sweets, being invited to dinner (and not leaving until he has eaten everything on the table, in the pantry... everything!). He is also very fond of boasting about knowing all sorts of things concerning the Kingdom of Sounds but in fact he hardly knows anything and even if he does have something in that brain of his, it is either too loose for anyone to understand what he is talking about, or he begins to babble so badly that you soon forget what he was on about in the first place. You know what he once told me? That the ending of the Fantastic symphony was an "apothetosis". Imagine that, an "apothetosis"! It was impossible for me to make him understand that the correct term regarding a very tense ending is "apotheosis".

Translated by: Iulian Arabagiu
MA student, MTTLC, Bucharest University

Str. General Berthelot, Nr. 60-64, RO-010165, București, România