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Monday, 18 (2)
Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra, conductor Petr Popelka. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – CD Review, November 16th 2023
Pianist Ingmar Lazar. Pieces by César Franck – CD Review, the 29th of November 2023
Thursday, 14 (4)
Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir 'Transylvania' from Cluj-Napoca, conductor Lawrence Foster - Music Box, November 27th, 2023
Pianist Bruce Liu - New record 'Waves' - Music box, November 20th, 2023
Violinist Rachel Podger and the Brecon Baroque ensemble. Johann Sebastian Bach – CD Review, the 17th of November 2023
National Symphony Orchestra in Wahington, D.C., conductor Gianandrea Noseda – Ludwig van Beethoven – CD Review, 27th – 28th of November 2023
Wednesday, 13 (1)
Cellist Antonio Meneses and pianist Cristian Budu. Album 'After a dream' - CD Review, 15th of November 2023
Monday, 11 (5)
Boston Symphony Orchestra, conductor Andris Nelsons. Shostakovich - Music box, 13th of November 2023
Pianist Vikingur Olafsson - Bach - Music box, November 6th, 2023
Philadelphia Orchestra, conductor Yannick Nezet Seguin – Music Box, the 30th of October 2023
Pianist Lars Vogt - Music box, 23rd of October
Spinoza ensemble. Dietrich Buxtehude - CD Review, November 14th, 2023
Thursday, 7 (3)
Oboist Albrecht Mayer and Berliner Barock Solisten - album "Bach generations" - Music box, 16th of October 2023
The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, conductor – Manfred Honeck – Music box, 9th of October, 2023
George Enescu’s masterpieces, performed by cellist Andrei Ionițã, violinist Ioana Cristina Goicea and pianist Daria Tudor – Music Box, 2nd of October 2023
Wednesday, 29 (6)
"Schumann 41/51. Florestan & Eusebius". Bucharest Symphony Orchestra, John Axelrod - CD Review, November 13th, 2023
Renaud Capuçon and the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra – Mozart’s Concertos for Violin and Orchestra – CD Review, 6th-8th of November 2023
Musical pieces for cello and piano by Ludwig van Beethoven. Ildikó Szabó and István Lajkó - CD Review, 9th-10th of November 2023
Giovanni Bertolazzi, the pianist- songs by Franz Liszt - CD Review, the 3rd of November 2023
Guitarist Raphaël Feuillâtre "Visages Baroques" - CD Review, November 2nd 2023
Mihail Jora - Ballet music. Historical recordings from the archives of Radio România - CD Review, 1st of November 2023
Monday, 27 (1)
Pianist Gabriele Leporatti - Domenico Scarlatti’s sonatas - CD Review, October 31st, 2023
Thursday, 2 (2)
Cellist Anna Wróbel and pianist Ma³gorzata Marczyk and their album, “Rêverie” – CD Review, October 18th 2023
Pianist José Navarro-Silberstein's record Vibrant Rhythms - CD Review, 16th of October 2023
Tuesday, 31 (2)
Harpsichordist Benjamin Alard - The Couperin Family - CD Review, the 20th of October, 2023
Pianist Josu de Solaun – “Nocturnes on the margins” album – CD Review, the 19th of October 2023
Monday, 23 (2)
Violinist Dominika Falger and pianist Gajusz Kêska - CD Review, 14th of March 2023
Violinist Anca Vasile Caraman, Georg Philipp Telemann – CD Review, the 17th of January 2023
Thursday, 19 (1)
Cellist Ofra Harnoy and trumpetist Mike Herriott – the "Portrait" album - CD Review, April 25th, 2023
Wednesday, 18 (2)
"Thüringer Bach Collegium". Pietro Antonio Locatelli - CD Review, April 27th, 2023
£ukasz Kwiatkowski – “Chopin, Mi³adowski – known & unknown Romantics” album – CD Review, 19th of January 2023
Monday, 16 (8)
"Arthur Rubinstein" Philharmonic Orchestra from £ódz, conductor Pawel Przytocki - CD Review, February 2nd, 2023
Cleveland Symphony Orchestra and conductor Franz Welser-Möst - CD Review, April 6th, 2023
Pianist Cédric Tiberghien – Variations album – CD Review, the 8th and 9th of May 2023
Pianist Michele Tozzetti– CD Review, April 26th, 2023
Pianist Nils Anders Mortensen. Johann Sebastian Bach - CD Review, 24th of April 2023
Duo Gazzana (violinist Natascia Gazzana and pianist Raffaella Gazzana) - CD Review, May 11th, 2023
„London Cello Connection – Ovidiu Marinescu, London Symphony Orchestra, conductor Miran Vaupotiæ” – CD Review, 23rd of May 2023
Glière String Quartet - CD Review, 13th of March 2023
Thursday, 12 (5)
Arcadia Quartet –Quartet Integralof Mieczys³aw Weinberg. Volume 3 - Music box, 15th of May 2023
Countertenor Philippe Jaroussky and L’Arpegiatta Ensemble, conducted by Christina Pluhar – ”Passacale de la Follie” – CD Review, April 7th, 2023
Bremer Barockorchester, conductor Néstor Fabian Cortés Garzon - CD Review, 12th of May 2023
"Infermid'Amore" ensemble led by violinist Vadym Makarenko - CD Review, February 1st, 2023
Accordionist and composer Richard Galliano - "Madreperla" album - CD Review, May 10th, 2023
Wednesday, 11 (5)
Musical pieces by George Enescu-interpreted by cellist Andrei Ionițã, violinist Ioana Cristina Goicea and pianist Daria Tudor – Music box, October 2nd 2023
The pianist Emmanuel Despax - the "Après un rêve" (I, II) album - CD Review, June 15th-16th 2023
Protean Quartet – CD Review, 24th of May 2023
“Dance for two”- Flutist DorotheeOberlinger and Violist Nils Mönkemeyer - CD Review, 26th of May 2023
Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, conductor Zubin Mehta - CD Review, May 25th, 2023
Monday, 19 (3)
Violist Alejandro Marias and harpsichordist Jordan Fumado, CD Review, 14th of June, 2023
"Fudalarot Duo" (Wojciech Fudala - cello, Micha³ Rot - piano) –record "Transfiguration" - CD Review, June 13, 2023
Organist Johannes Krahl - CD Review, 12th of June 2023
Thursday, 15 (4)
Pianist Saskia Giorgini. Consolations album - CD Review, June 9th, 2023
Pianist Jimin Oh-Havenith - record "For Clara" - CD Review, June 8th, 2023
Cleveland Symphonic Orchestra, conductor Franz Welser Möst - CD Review, June 7th, 2023
Pianist Margherita Torretta - "Colours of Venice" - CD Review, June 6th, 2023
Tuesday, 23 (1)
Pianist Josu de Solaun - “Roots, The ADDA Concert” - CD Review, 19th of May 2023
Monday, 22 (1)
Eric Whitacre & Voces8- ”Home”- CD Review, May 17th 2023
Thursday, 13 (2)
Countertenor Philippe Jaroussky and L’Arpegiatta group, led by Christina Pluhar-“Passacalle de la Follie” – CD Review on April 7th, 2023
The Cleveland Orchestra and conductor Franz Welser-Möst – CD Review, April 6th, 2023
Wednesday, 5 (1)
Symphonies by Anton Bruckner with the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, conductor Herbert Blomstedt (I-V) - CD Review, March 27th-31st, 2023
Wednesday, 29 (1)
Pianist Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli - The London Recordings album, vol. 1 - CD Review, March 23rd-24th, 2023
Thursday, 23 (1)
Violinist Christian Tetzlaff, cellist Tanja Tetzlaff, pianist Lars Vogt. Franz Schubert - Chamber works - CD review, March 20th and 22nd, 2023
Monday, 6 (2)
Old music ensemble "Giardino di Delizie" - CD Review, March 1st - 2nd, 2023
Bernhard Hofstötter (Baroque lute) - Album for the Lute - CD Review, February 27th, 2023
Tuesday, 28 (2)
The flautist Manuel Granatiero - album “Light and Darkness” - CD Review, February20th, 2023
Flautist Tamar Lalo. Flute and basso continuo sonatas by Giuseppe Sammartini – CD review, February 13th, 2023
Monday, 6 (2)
Pianist Rudolf Buchbinder – snippets from the 'Soiree de Vienne' album – Music box, 12th of December 2022
Violinist Renaud Capuçon and pianist Martha Argerich - Music box, December 5th, 2022
Friday, 3 (1)
Pianist Teo Gherghiu–the Roots album –CD Review, February 3rd 2023
Thursday, 2 (1)
"La festa musicale" ensemble conducted by Lajos Rovatkay - CD Review, January 30th, 2023