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An event-show in Timiºoara

Thursday, 22 April 2010 , ora 9.39

The festival Week of the cafés reached its sixth edition this year. Through this initiative, the organizers -German and French Cultural Centers from Timiºoara - tried to transform the clubs and the cafés in the city on the Bega in reference points of cultural life, scheduling in the interval April 9-30, 2010 a series of events dedicated to music and film.

One of these events was the subject of the interview given by Mrs Alina Baciu, the Director of German Cultural Center from Timiºoara.

Included in the project Week of the cafés, the show Reconstructing Mahler - A Vision`s gleaming Sounds is situated at the limits between concert and cinema experience. What does this event- initiative include exactly?

Week of the cafés - Caféskultour was initiated 5 years ago by the German and French Cultural Centers. Reconstructing Mahler - A Vision`s gleaming Sounds is a film-concert which consists of projections of short and animation movies from Germany and from eastern Europe.

Who are the protagonists of this film-concert and what determined you to invite them to take part in Week of the cafés project?

The group Shortfilmlivemusi was founded in 2005 and is formed by 6 young artists and musicians from Germany and Hungary. They create new soundtracks for film projections by using fragments from different composers' creations- this time they chose as an inspiration Gustav Mahler's work- and they added live improvisations and different sounds effects. These artists took part in different projects in our country last year too, at the German Cultural Centre from Sibiu, and the success they registered there was the reason why we decided to invite them to Timiºoara with the occasion of Week of the cafés so the audience from Timiºoara could experience this kind of show too.

Alexandra Cebuc
Translated by Ana-Maria-Nicoleta Mitrofan, Andreea Velicu
MA students, MTTLC, Bucharest University