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Articles from 2018

Wednesday, 19 (2)
RadiRo 2018 - Interview with the pianist Nelson Goerner
Interview with musicologist Jim Samson
Monday, 10 (3)
Interview with composer Dan Buciu
Interview with conductor Gabriel Bebeșelea
RadiRo 2018 - Interview with violinist Simone Lamsma
Tuesday, 4 (1)
Interview with Anca Vartolomei about the 20th edition of the 'Archaeus' Festival
Monday, 3 (3)
RadiRo 2018 – Interview with pianist David Fray
RadiRo 2018 – Interview with pianist Javier Perianes
Renato Zanella – This week’s guest on Perpetuum Mobile
Thursday, 29 (3)
Interview with conductor Frederic Chaslin
Interview with cellist Mischa Maisky
Oleg Danovski about the the premiere of Tchaikovsky’s ballet “The Nutcracker”
Wednesday, 28 (2)
RadiRo 2018 – Interview with conductor Ben Gernon
Interview with conductor Christian Badea
Wednesday, 21 (2)
Interview with Liliana Staicu, Liviu Petu’s guest at Musica Viva
Interview with pianist Andrei Vieru
Monday, 19 (3)
Interview with Bogdan Tudor (Blue Noise)
Interview with percussionist Vlad Popescu about the project 'I remember Johnny'
Interview with the pianist Josu de Solaun
Tuesday, 13 (1)
Steffen Schlandt will be the Radio Chamber Orchestra’s soloist
Thursday, 8 (1)
Interview with pianist Mădălina Pasol
Monday, 5 (2)
The Romanian Rhapsody tour at its end – interview with flutist Matei Ioachimescu
Interview with pianist Ștefan Doniga
Monday, 29 (2)
Interview with Anna Tifu, soloist at the Royal Concert of October 25th
Interview with Mihai Diaconescu, the soloist at the Royal Concert on the 25TH Of October
Friday, 26 (1)
The statement of conductor Cristian Lupeș
Thursday, 4 (2)
Interview with Cellist Andrei Ioniță and Pianist Seong-Jin Cho
Conductor Tiberiu Soare, conductor and professor at the International Opera Masterclass Festival in Israel
Monday, 30 (1)
The Moldo Crescendo Tour – Concerts in Romania and the Republic of Moldova
Thursday, 19 (1)
The Priest Nichifor Hrestic Speaks about the Byzantine Song Masterclass in Iași
Wednesday, 18 (1)
Transylvanian International Piano Competition, Brasov, 2nd Edition
Tuesday, 19 (1)
Interview with Conductor Andrei Feher
Friday, 15 (1)
Interview with Musicologist Cristina Sârbu
Thursday, 14 (3)
Interview with Constantin Chiriac, the director of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival
Interview with Ioan Bojin, the director of the Sibiu Philharmonic, at the end of the season
Interview with organist Steffen Schlandt
Friday, 8 (3)
Leo Hussain, Guest of the Week on Perpetuum Mobile from May 30, 2018, interviewed by Gabriel Marica
Green Hours Jazz Fest is starting!
Interview with the Flautist Ionuț Bogdan Stefănescu
Thursday, 7 (1)
Jozsef Horvath - this week's guest at Radio România Muzical
Monday, 4 (1)
Dan Dediu – an interview on Perpetuum mobile about the International Week of New Music
Tuesday, 22 (3)
Interview with musicologist Valentina Sandu Dediu
The International Jazz Festival in Sibiu begins!
Interview with the pianist Mihai Ritivoiu
Friday, 18 (2)
Interview with violinist Iuliana Münch
Interview with the cellist Andrei Ioniță
Thursday, 17 (4)
Interview with Razvan Popovici on the 2018 edition of the “SoNoRo Interferences” program
Interview with Violist and Violinist Clara Cernat
The Sleeping Beauty, a premiere at the Bucharest National Opera
Alexandru Tomescu and Angela Drăghicescu – Guest of the Week on Perpetuum Mobile
Wednesday, 16 (2)
George Enescu International Competition in full growth 60 years after the launch
Interview with Stefan Geiger
Monday, 14 (1)
Recital with Anton Niculescu and Bruno Canino at the Romanian Athenaeum. Interview with the cellist Anton Niculescu
Thursday, 10 (1)
Interview with conductor Tiberiu Soare
Friday, 27 (2)
The 'Traveling Piano' reaches Radio Hall – Interview with pianist Horia Mihail
An interview with Luminita Gutanu about the Symbol Choir’s tour
Tuesday, 24 (1)
Berti Barbera is the soloist of the Radio Big Band
Tuesday, 17 (1)
Pianist Horia Mihail talks about the 8th edition of the 'Traveling Piano'
Monday, 16 (1)
Interview with guitarist Costin Soare about the tour entitled 'From Paganini to Piazzolla'
Friday, 13 (1)
Alexandru Tomescu is the soloist of the National Radio Orchestra
Thursday, 12 (1)
Conductor Gabriel Bebeșelea is our guest of the week on Perpetuum Mobile, on the 28th of March
Tuesday, 3 (1)
'MUZZA' Jazz Awards Ceremony for 2017 – Interview with Alexandru Șipa
Wednesday, 28 (5)
Interview with soprano Elena Moșuc
Composer Doina Rotaru, on 'ESCAPE Art Lab'
About the project „Listen to 5 minutes of classical music” - Alexandru Tomescu, Cristina Comandașu, Bogdan Staicu (Mobexpert)
The Anniversary of Radio România Muzical – discussion during the 'Perpetuum Mobile' radio show
Interview with the violinist Sebastian Câșleanu
Monday, 26 (1)
Interview with the conductor Cristian Orosanu on the Easter-themed concerts
Friday, 23 (1)
Interview with percussionist Alexandru Anastasiu
Wednesday, 21 (2)
Interview with Radu Croitoru, Radio Romania Cultural Manager
An interview with the pianist and the composer Valentin Gheorghiu
Tuesday, 20 (1)
Interview with saxophonist Nicolas Simion
Monday, 19 (2)
Interview with Soprano Teodora Gheorghiu
Adela Liculescu is the winner of the „Prix du Piano” contest from Berna
Friday, 16 (1)
An interview with the pianist Stefan Doniga
Wednesday, 14 (1)
Interview with Ciprian Țuțu, conductor of the Academic Radio Choir
Tuesday, 13 (1)
Teodor Ilincăi performing on the stage of La Monnaie Theatre in Bruxelles
Monday, 12 (1)
Interview with pianist Alexandra Dariescu
Friday, 9 (2)
Interview with Mircea Pădurariu, bandmaster of the band Archaeus
Interview with the bandmaster Gabriel Bebeșelea
Wednesday, 7 (1)
Interview with cellist Razvan Suma
Tuesday, 6 (3)
Interview with Dan Creimerman, Director of the Cultural Association and Media Channel 'Art Channel'
Debate and recital with Romanian musicians, at the European Parliament - Interview with Sandra Ecobescu
Interview with Angela Sindeli, coordinator of the 'VOXearlyMUS' project
Friday, 2 (3)
The Ball of the Romanian National Opera in Cluj-Napoca – Interview with Cristian Avram
'Plastic - Rock Concerto' by Dan Dediu will be performed at the Romanian Athenaeum
Interview with conductor Cristian Măcelaru
Thursday, 1 (1)
Flautist Matei Ioachimescu talks about the new version of the Tour „La Vida Loca”
Tuesday, 27 (2)
Interview with pianist Daniel Petrică Ciobanu
Concert 'In Memoriam Erich Bergel' at Oradea Philharmonic – Interview with Vasile Foica
Monday, 26 (1)
'About the world we live in' – series of conferences hosted by the Romanian Athenaeum
Friday, 23 (1)
Interview with the conductor Peter Stark
Thursday, 22 (1)
Master classes organized by the École Normale de Musique de Paris – Interview with pianist Alina Pavalache
Wednesday, 21 (2)
Interview with violinist Alexandra Bobeico
The pianist Matei Varga will release the record 'Early Departures'
Tuesday, 20 (2)
'Don Carlo' by Giuseppe Verdi at the National Opera Bucharest - Interview with Ștefan Ignat
“Classical is fantastic” („Clasic e fantastic”). Symphonic concert dedicated to conductor Nicolae Racu
Monday, 19 (1)
Special concert of the Royal Camerata for Dragobete, conducted by Cristian Oroșanu
Thursday, 15 (1)
The Arcadia Quartet holds two recitals in Bucharest
Tuesday, 13 (2)
The Comic Opera for Children organizes the Piano Contest 'Mihaela Ursuleasa'
Interview with composer Vlad Baciu
Thursday, 8 (1)
Interview with the piano player Cătălin Șerban
Wednesday, 7 (1)
“Unspoken” with Sebastian Burneciși the trumpetist from Room Radio Orchestra
Tuesday, 6 (1)
Françoise Noël-Marquis: ‘Dinu Lipatti is a fundamental character for the École Normale de Musique de Paris «Alfred Cortot»’
Monday, 5 (1)
Interview with viola player Răzvan Popovici
Friday, 2 (1)
Interview with tenor Bogdan Mihai
Thursday, 1 (2)
Interview with violinist Alina Lepper Petrescu
Interview with Dorian Branea, Director of the Romanian Cultural Institute in London
Wednesday, 31 (1)
Schoenberg evening - Wagner at Radio Hall
Tuesday, 30 (3)
Interview with the Director of ”George Enescu” National College, Cristina Sebastian
Interview with the pianist Elizabeth Sombart
Interview with conductor Julien Salemkour
Monday, 29 (1)
The fourth edition of Mozart Festival is starting in Brașov
Friday, 26 (1)
Cristian Niculescu – the soloist of OCR (Radio Camera Orchestra) and the Guest of the Week at Perpetuum Mobile
Thursday, 25 (2)
'Strad Style', one of the Discs of 2017 on Radio Romania Music – Interview with violinist Răzvan Stoica
Interview with Doru Orban, the manager of the Philharmonic from Arad
Tuesday, 23 (1)
Interview with sax player Cristian Soleanu
Friday, 19 (1)
Composer Ana Giurgiu-Bondue, about the records with Antoine's collected works and Jean-Baptiste Forqueray
Thursday, 18 (1)
Rudolf Leopold – “I love Enescu’s music!”
Wednesday, 17 (1)
Interview with Mr. Thomas Kloiber, General Manager of the Austrian Cultural Forum
Tuesday, 16 (1)
Interview with soprano Irina Iordănescu
Monday, 15 (3)
'Tarot Tales', a Mircea Tiberian show on the stage of the Romanian Playwrights Theater
Interview with Mezzo-soprano Martiniana Antonie
Interview with baritone George Petean
Friday, 12 (1)
Interview with tenor Ștefan Pop
Thursday, 11 (1)
The Entertainment Music Festival from Târgu Mureș is about to start
Wednesday, 10 (1)
Interview with Marius Tabacu, general manager of the 'Transylvania' State Philharmonic in Cluj-Napoca
Tuesday, 9 (1)
Pianist Raluca Știrbăț and cellist Rudolf Leopold in an extraordinary concert in Bucharest
Thursday, 4 (3)
Interview with the violinist Manrico Padovani
'Non solo Bach' – musical performance hold by the clavecinist Cipriana Smărăndescu at National University of Music Bucharest
“Winter Stories” with the Radio Big Band – Interview with Ionel Tudor