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Articles from 2021

Wednesday, 14 (2)
Interview with the tenor Mihai Irimia - Artistic Director of the Brasov Opera
Interview with Gabriel Zamfir - Manager of the “Oltenia” Philharmonic from Craiova
Monday, 12 (2)
Interview with Daniel Jinga - the new interim manager of the Bucharest National Opera
Interview with composer Gabriel Almasi about the MUSICOOLT Project
Thursday, 8 (2)
Interview with pianist and composer George Natsis
Interview with the violinist Valentin Șerban, this week’s guest at Perpetuum Mobile
Wednesday, 7 (1)
Interview with journalist Alice Năstase Buciuta
Tuesday, 6 (2)
Interview with conductor Vlad Conta about the concert of the Radio Chamber Orchestra
Interview with the conductor Adrian Morar on the "Theodor Rogalski - 120" concert
Monday, 5 (2)
After more than a year she return to the country with a recital broadcasted by Radio România Muzical. The pianist Adela Liculescu in a dialogue with Gabriel Marica at Perpetuum Mobile
Interview with musicologist Haiganus Preda-Schimek
Thursday, 1 (2)
Interview with Israeli conductor Omer Meir Wellber
Interview with violist Andries Cigulea
Wednesday, 31 (1)
Interview with conductor Iosif Ion Prunner
Tuesday, 30 (2)
Interview with Professor Verona Maier about the Tuesday Night Season at the Romanian Athenaeum
Interview with Monica Anghel, from the online marketing department of Cărturesti bookstores
Monday, 29 (2)
Interview with the flute player Matei Ioachimescu
Interview with Ionel Tudor, the conductor of the Radio Big Band
Wednesday, 24 (1)
His Excellency, Mr. Arthur Mattli, Ambassador of Switzerland in Bucharest, about the anniversary of Radio România Muzical
Tuesday, 23 (2)
Interview with Monica Isăcescu and Ștefan Costache about the album Dinu Lipatti: The musician in images
Interview with Marin Cazacu - Director of the National Art Center "Romanian Youth"
Monday, 22 (2)
Interview with Lareuntiu Constantin, director of the Bucharest Early Music Festival
Alexandru Tomescu and Mozart at the Radio Hall. A dialogue with Gabriel Marica at Perpetuum Mobile
Wednesday, 17 (1)
Interview with Șerban Sturdza - President of the Pro Patrimonio Foundation and Raluca Negulescu-Balaci - Executive Director of UiPath Foundation
Monday, 15 (3)
Interview with Ovidiu Andris, manager of the Artistic Tribe Association
Interview with trumpeter Sebastian Burneci
Mihai Constantinescu - Guest of the Week - with data about the International Festival 'George Enescu' 2021
Thursday, 11 (1)
Interview with soprano Rodica Vică
Wednesday, 10 (3)
Interview with conductor Cristian Măcelaru
Arthur Mattli, Swiss Ambassador to Bucharest - about the Classic is Fantastic project
Mirror interview - Doina and Diana Rotaru
Tuesday, 9 (1)
Interview with the violist Răzvan Popovici
Monday, 8 (2)
After a year Classic is fantastic! returns in the concert hall. Cristina Sârbu, the coordinator of the project in dialogue with Gabriel Marica at Perpetuum Mobile
Interview with bass baritone Sorin Coliban
Friday, 5 (1)
Interview with Cristina Croitoru
Wednesday, 3 (1)
Interview with conductor Gabriel Bebeselea
Tuesday, 2 (1)
Interview with the pianist Stefan Doniga on the project “The Ladies of Music”
Monday, 1 (6)
Interview with Ruxandra Georgescu on the discounts found in the Humanitas bookshops
Interview with conductor Ionel Tudor and soloists Irina Sârbu, Nadia Trohin
Cellist Octavian Lup – This week’s guest at Perpetuum mobile
Camelia Popescu - Cora Romania - about the project 'Listen to 5 minutes of classical music'
Interview with Stefan Ignat, general manager of the Bucharest National Opera House
Interview with pianist Daria Tudor
Thursday, 25 (1)
Interview with conductor Cristian Mandeal about the concert dedicated to the homage of conductor Camil Marinescu
Tuesday, 23 (1)
Interview with baritone Cristian Ruja and bassist Ștefan Lamatic, the protagonists of the recital on Tuesday, February 23rd at the Romanian Athenaeum
Monday, 22 (2)
Interview with cellist Andrei Ionita about the Europe @ Home project
Interview with conductor David Crescenzi
Friday, 19 (3)
Art is sacrificed in times of pandemic. Pianist Alexandra Dariescu in dialogue with Gabriel Marica at Perpetuum Mobile
Interview with pianist Ștefan Doniga
Interview with Marin Cazacu - Director of the “Tinerimea Română” National Art Center
Thursday, 18 (1)
Interview with baritone Cristian Rudic, Manager of The National Opera House in Timisoara
Wednesday, 17 (1)
Interview with the artistic director of the Oradea Philharmonic, Kurucz Tibor
Tuesday, 16 (3)
Interview with Florin Estefan, the general manager of the Romanian National Opera from Cluj-Napoca
Interview with Mihail Agafita about the current situation of the Chisinau Philharmonic
Interview with Ana-Maria Onisei about translating the book "Year of Wonder: Classical Music for Every Day."
Monday, 8 (3)
Interview with Dorian Branea, director of the RCI from New York
Liliana Staicu, director of Radio Orchestras and Choirs in dialogue with Gabriel Marica at Perpetuum Mobile
Interview with Oana Andreica, artistic advisorat the Transylvania Philharmonic
Wednesday, 3 (3)
Interview with Jean Dumitrascu - the manager of the Pitesti Philharmonic
Interview with flautist Matei Ioachimescu about the concert composed by Kalevi Aho
Interview with the director of the Ploiesti Philharmonic, Vlad Mateescu
Monday, 1 (5)
"I know how to be happy," says Felicia Donceanu at the age of 90 in the next dialogue
Interview with violist Traian Boală - the newest disc of Arcadia Quartet
Interview with Cătălin Crețu about Perform Art Project
Concerto for violin, cello and orchestra by Laura Ana Mânzat – in premiere at the Sibiu Philharmonic
Interview with Natalia Mosor, director of the Polish Institute
Thursday, 28 (3)
Interview with Conductor Tiberiu Soare
Interview with Geanina Simion, PR and image specialist at the Transylvania Philharmonic from Cluj-Napoca
Interview with teacher Ani Paladi
Monday, 25 (1)
Interview with pianist Josu de Solaun - ICMA 2021 winner
Friday, 22 (2)
Manager of Philharmonic Brasov, pianist Ioan Dragos Dimitriu talks Perpetuum Mobile with Gabriel Marica
Interview with Remy Franck, President of the ICMA Jury
Thursday, 21 (1)
Interview with pianist Daniel Ciobanu
Wednesday, 20 (3)
Interview with soprano Georgeta Stoleriu
Interview with musicologist Valentina Sandu-Dediu
Interview with percussionist Bogdan Băcanu
Tuesday, 19 (2)
Interview with pianist Stefan Lovin
Interview with the violist Ladislau Cristian Andriș - Artistic Director of the Romanian Chamber Orchestra
Monday, 18 (4)
Interview with Andrei Dimitriu, about the National Culture Day at the George Enescu Philharmonic
Interview with Marin Cazacu about the concert dedicated to the National Culture Day
Interview with pianist Stefan Doniga about the "Eminesciana 2.0" project
Concertino Praga 2021. The rounds of the competition and feedback from the Romanian contestants
Thursday, 14 (1)
Interview with violinist Vlad Maistorovici, founder of TranSimfonia
Wednesday, 13 (1)
Interview with Andrei Petrache on the Quoting Beethoven contest prize
Tuesday, 12 (1)
Interview with the pianist Ștefan Vârtejaru