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Articles from 2019

Friday, 20 (3)
Interview with cellist Marin Cazacu – soloist of the Romanian Radio Chamber Orchestra
Interview with conductor Iosif Ion Prunner
Interview with conductor Radu Ciorei
Tuesday, 17 (2)
Roxana Constantinescu - on the tour which has just ended
Alexandra Petrișor Interview
Monday, 16 (1)
Interview featuring violinist Alexandru Tomescu
Friday, 13 (1)
Interview with pianist Axia Marinescu
Thursday, 12 (1)
Interview with Cristina Comandasu, member of the ICMA jury
Tuesday, 10 (1)
Interview with Ana Ungureanu, the Madrigal Choir conductor
Monday, 9 (3)
Interview with Andrew Noble, the U.K. ambassador in Bucharest
Interview with conductor Ryan Bancroft
Vara magică (Magic Summer) and Iarna magică (Magic Winter) disks – parts of Radio Romania Music collection, from Casa Radio Publishing House
Thursday, 5 (2)
Interview with Iosif Ion Prunner, conductor of the Choir of the „George Enescu”Philarmonic
Interview with conductor Radu Popa
Monday, 2 (1)
Interview with Ștefan Ignat
Wednesday, 27 (1)
Interview with teacher Ani Paladi
Monday, 25 (5)
Interview with flautist François Lazarevitch
Interview with cellist Răzvan Suma - soloist of the National Radio Orchestra
Interview with Vlad Mateescu, manager of Ploiești Jazz Festival
Oedipe Redux – Interview featuring Lucian Ban
Interview with pianist Mădălina Slav
Wednesday, 20 (1)
Interview with Silvia Sbârciu – the president of the Romanian Mozart Society
Monday, 18 (2)
The violinist Brian Johnston- memories about Constantin Silvestri
An interview with the conductor Cristian Măcelaru whowas recently designated as Orchestre National de France’s future Musical Director, starting from 2021
Thursday, 14 (4)
Interview with conductor Toufic Maatouk
Interview featuring pianist Sînziana Mircea (III)
An interviewwith George Natsis
Interview with pianist Sînziana Mircea (II)
Monday, 11 (4)
An interview with pianist Sînziana Mircea (I)
Lord Michael Berkeley on Constantin Silvestri
Interview featuring Geoff Browell and Magda Stroe on the Silvestri archive and dedicated event at King’s College London
An interview with the pianist Ștefan Doniga, on the record entitled ”The Ladies of Romanian Music”
Wednesday, 6 (2)
Interview with violinist Alexandru Tomescu, concertmaster of the Romanian Chamber Orchestra
Interview with composer Dan Variu
Monday, 4 (4)
Interview with Radu Valcu
The beginning of the 2019-2020 Royal Season
An Interviewwithguitarist Costin Soare about the “Guitar Nights” Festival
Famous opera choruses by Verdi, Puccini, Wagner, and Donizetti
Thursday, 31 (1)
Interview with conductor Cristian Măcelaru
Wednesday, 30 (1)
Interview with Horia Barna - artistic director of EUROPALIA Romania
Monday, 28 (6)
Interview with the percussionist Alexandru Anastasiu – the soloist of the concert held at Sala Radio
Romanian Chamber Orchestra – An interview with Ladislau Cristian Andriș
Interview with Bogdan Vaida about the Classic Unlimited tour
Interview with Magdalena Moroșanu
Interview with Liliana Staicu about the event organized in honor of Constantin Silvestri - 50 years from his passing
An Interview with the pianist Petrică Andrei, the Radio Big Band’s soloist of the Season’s Opening Concert
Thursday, 24 (1)
Interview with Gabriel Bebeselea about the Royal Concert at the Romanian Athenaeum
Wednesday, 23 (2)
Interview with Marius Tabacu, director of the Philharmonic in Cluj-Napoca
Interview with Larissa Gerghieva
Monday, 21 (5)
'Traversée du Fantasme' – a fantastical world
Interview with conductor Alexander Walker
Interview with Ciprian Moga on the "West meets East" project
Interview with pianist Eduard Kunz
Interview with Dragoș Marian Rușanu
Wednesday, 16 (2)
Interview with pianist Matei Varga and Liliana Staicu, manager of the Radio Music Bands at "Musica Viva"
An interview with the soprano singer Simina Ivan
Tuesday, 15 (1)
An Interview with Mihai Ritivoiu
Monday, 14 (4)
Contemporary Music Days – LiviuDanceanu, Bacau 2019
Opening of the XIIth Edition of the Tuesday Evening Season – Statement made by Cristina Sârbu
An interview with Irina Iacob about the auditions for the European Union Youth Orchestra
Interview with Cristian Marica, the coordinator of the Jazz Season from the Act Theater
Thursday, 10 (1)
Interview with the harpsichordist Cipriana Smărăndescu
Monday, 5 (1)
Interview with Mihaela Tomescu, president of the Remember Enescu Foundation
Monday, 27 (1)
UCMR President, Adriaqn Iorgulescu, about SIMN 2019
Tuesday, 21 (2)
Interview with Luigi Gageos, director of EUROPAfest
Interview with violinist Alexandru Tomescu
Thursday, 2 (1)
Liliana Staicu, music bands manager - on the last part of the concert season 2018-2019
Thursday, 11 (1)
Interview with cellist Filip Papa
Thursday, 28 (2)
Transylvania State Philharmonic - concerts of the beginning of the year
Interview with pianist Alexandra Silocea
Thursday, 21 (2)
Interview with conductor Nicolae Moldoveanu
Interview with Florin Estefan, general manager of the Romanian Opera House from Cluj-Napoca
Monday, 18 (4)
George Natsis talks about the 'Years After Petrucciani' concert
Interview with the soloists of the Radio Chamber Orchestra concert - Liviu Prunaru and Lorena Tecu
Interview with Musicologist Nicolae Gheorghită
Interview with Maria Popescu about the National Musicology Colloquium
Thursday, 7 (2)
Interview with cellist Valentin Simion
Interview with Alina Tohohod, brand and communication manager at Leroy Merlin
Monday, 4 (2)
Interview with Ioan Bojin, manager of the Sibiu Philharmonic Orchestra
Interview with pianist Mădălina Pasol
Monday, 25 (1)
Interview with composer Livia Teodorescu Ciocănea, who will be celebrated in a special birthday concert at the Cantacuzino Palace
Thursday, 21 (1)
Interview with the cellist Cornelius Zirbo
Monday, 11 (1)
Remember Peter Herbolzheimer with the Radio Big Band
Monday, 4 (2)
Interview with Diana Rotaru, artistic director of the SonoMania Ensemble
Interview with Vlad Popescu, drummer
Tuesday, 29 (3)
Interview with the Pianist Dana Ciocârlie
Cellist Andrei Ioniță – impressions from the end of his tour in the USA
Violinist Liviu Câșleanu talks about his experience with the European Union Orchestra