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Articles from 2024

Thursday, 29 (1)
Interview with violinist Nicolas Dautricourt
Friday, 9 (1)
Interview with Berti Barbera, one of the membersof Platonic Band
Wednesday, 7 (2)
Interview with cellist Constantin Borodin
Interview with Andrei Fermeșanu, the Acting General Director of the Romanian National Opera from Iași
Monday, 5 (4)
Interview with conductor Sascha Goetzel
Interview with Emil Pantelimon, manager of the Madrigal-Marin Constantin Choir
Interview with Eugen Ciurtin, a consistent supporter of recovering Enescu's manuscripts
Interview with conductor Stefan Geiger
Thursday, 1 (1)
Interview with soprano Cleopatra David
Tuesday, 30 (1)
Interview with countertenor Alexandru Costea
Monday, 29 (6)
Interview with musicologist Cristina Sârbu
Interview with soprano Cristina Păsăroiu
Remy Franck: "I am very grateful for the presence of Radio Romania Muzical in the jury, because it gave us access to the musical life in Romania."
Interview with violist Răzvan Popovici
Interview with pianist Ioan Dragoș Dimitriu, the artistic director of the Brașov Philharmonic
Interview with violinist Iuliana Münch
Friday, 26 (2)
Interview with conductor Simona Strungaru
A statement of the bass-baritone, Zoltan Nagy
Thursday, 25 (2)
Soprano Aida Pascu, invited to Perpetuum Mobile for a dialogue with Gabriel Marica
Interview with Prof. Dr. Stephan Poen - musicologist, phoniatrist, Doctor of Medicine and Music
Monday, 22 (3)
Interview with violinist Alexandru Tomescu
Interview with conductor Katharina Wincor
Interview with Elena Moșuc
Wednesday, 17 (5)
Interview with pianist Ștefan Doniga
Interview with Marin Cazacu, the manager of the “George Enescu” Philharmonic from Bucharest
Interview with conductor Cristopher Warren-Green
Interview with Angelica Postu, music therapist
Interview with Drazen Domjanic about the ICMA Discovery Award
Monday, 15 (4)
Interview with Ioana Ratiu Răileanu, daughter of maestro George Georgescu
Luminița Arvunescu, President of UCRRM - about the Musicrit Awards Gala, 2nd Edition
Interview with conductor Alexander Steinitz
Interview with Mihaela Alexa and Sorin Zlat
Wednesday, 10 (1)
Interview with Vlad Ghinea, winner of the Mihail Jora Competition - music criticism