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Articles from 2016

Monday, 19 (1)
Interview with Voicu Enăchescu, the conductor of the Chamber Choir 'Prelude'
Tuesday, 8 (1)
Schubert and Schumann - new itinerary for the national tour in November 2016, held by cellist Răzvan Suma and pianist Horia Mihail
Thursday, 27 (1)
Interview with Father George Jambore, inspector for the Patriarchal Administration's Theological Education Sector
Thursday, 20 (1)
The 19th edition of the 'Romanian Music Festival' in Iași - interview with Professor Carmen Chelaru
Monday, 17 (1)
Interview with conductor Cristian Brâncuși
Thursday, 13 (1)
A New Season of 'Classic is Fantastic' Starts - An Interview with Cristina Sârbu
Wednesday, 12 (1)
'Isvor. George Enescu' - the national tour Imago Mundi
Tuesday, 27 (2)
Interview - Lucian Zbarcea, composer
Interview - Anita Hartig, soprano
Friday, 16 (1)
Radio Romania Music's interviews with violinist Ștefan Tarara
Wednesday, 7 (1)
Speaking with the composer Cătălin Crețu
Saturday, 25 (2)
The 'VOXearlyMUS' Project Starts at the National University of Music Bucharest - Interview with Angela Șindeli, the project coordinator
Interview with Daniel Ivașcu on the New Series of Imago Mundi Concerts
Friday, 24 (1)
Jazz in the Park - the IVth Edition
Wednesday, 22 (1)
Interview with Arturo Sandoval
Friday, 17 (1)
Interview with conductor Cezar Mihai Verlan
Tuesday, 31 (1)
'Sabin Păutza is a good connoisseur of the child's soul'- Voicu Popescu about the concert of the Children Choir and the Radio Chamber Orchestra
Tuesday, 24 (2)
Talking to the conducter Vladimir Jurowski at Musikverein in Vienna - An interview with Irina Cornișteanu, the manager of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Vienna
Mogoșoaia ClasicFest- 2016 edition
Thursday, 19 (2)
Interview with Monica Buhai, the inspector for Arts curricular area at the School Inspectorate of Tulcea city
Limits... and Beyond! - the Theme of the International Week of New Music 2016
Thursday, 12 (1)
Interview with the pianist Mihai Ritivoiu - the solist of the 'George Enescu' Harmonium
Wednesday, 11 (1)
Răzvan Suma, Mircea Marian and Octavian Lup on the stage of Sala Radio
Monday, 9 (1)
Interview with the violinist Alexandru Tomescu - the Experience 2.0
Friday, 22 (1)
Interview with the pianist Dan Grigore
Thursday, 21 (1)
Interview with Alexandru Anastasiu about the Power Viber -Azul Tour
Wednesday, 20 (1)
Interview with the violist Răzvan Popovici
Monday, 18 (1)
The Arcadia Quartet is playing at the EuroArt Festival
Wednesday, 13 (1)
Talking with Ciprian Țuțu, the conductor of the Academic Radio Choir, about his first concert from the conductor's position - a concert which can be seen Thursday, on 14th April 2016, in the Radio Hall
Friday, 8 (2)
Cristian Oroșanu - the conductor of the National Radio Orchestra
Hope Concert 2016 - An Interview with Oana Drăgulinescu
Tuesday, 5 (2)
The dispute concerning the restitution of the Memorial Museum ‚Octavian Goga’ has ended.
Wrocław - Capitală Culturală Europeană a anului 2016
Thursday, 31 (1)
A Dialogue about the Project 'Opera FANtastica' with Sandra Ecobescu
Monday, 28 (2)
Interview with the composer Nicolae Coman
At the End of March, Jazz Legends on the Stage of the Radio Hall
Friday, 25 (1)
Gabriel Bebeșelea - the conducter of 'EBU Youth Concert' at Sala Radio
Thursday, 17 (1)
Interview with conductor Jozsef Horvath
Monday, 14 (1)
The Week of Sound - Conference Held by Speranța Rădulescu
Thursday, 10 (1)
Lavinia Coman Talks about the Competition for Piano Performing 'Ada Ulubeanu'
Friday, 4 (1)
Cristian Mandeal Is the Conductor of the National Radio Orchestra
Thursday, 3 (1)
Virgil Ianțu - the solist of Big Band Radio
Monday, 29 (1)
Ana Moura on Tour Promoting Her New Album - A Concert in Bucharest
Thursday, 25 (1)
Interview with the soprano Andreea Soare
Friday, 19 (1)
The Pianist Josu Okiñena on the Stage of Radio Hall
Wednesday, 17 (1)
Lubnan Baalbaki - Conducting the Radio Chamber Orchestra
Thursday, 11 (3)
Interview with Young Composer Sebastian Androne
Dialogue with the contrabassist Vasile Preotu Petrărașu
Another two concerts led by Christian Badea at The George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra
Tuesday, 2 (1)
The 'Enescu Concerts' series continues
Monday, 1 (1)
Kamerata Kronstadt will Perform its First Concert at 'Mozart Festival'
Friday, 29 (1)
'La Favorita' with Ruxandra Donose at the Radio Hall
Thursday, 28 (1)
Cristian Măcelaru and a complete Brahms programme - at the Romanian Athenaeum
Wednesday, 27 (3)
The Most Expected Debut
A Recital by Dana Borșan and National Radio Orchestra Musicians
Ciprian Țuțu - the Conductor of the Academic Radio Choir
Monday, 25 (1)
Dialogue with Ovidiu Miculescu, general president-director of Radio Romania, about RadiRo - The International Festival of Radio Orchestra
Monday, 18 (1)
Speaking with Grigore Leșe about the National Culture Day celebrated at the Romanian Athenaeum towards the 'La porțile ceriului' performance
Thursday, 14 (3)
The first recital of the Tuesday Evening Season
The Romanian Week within the Europe Season
Raluca Știrbăț Talks about Winning the 'Vote the Best Classical Album of 2015' Campaign
Wednesday, 13 (3)
In Memoriam Ludovic Bács: Concert at the Romanian Radio Hall
Răzvan Suma- director of Radio Choir and Orchestra
Interview with the pianist Adela Liculescu