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Interview with conductor Cristian Brâncuși

Monday, 17 October 2016 , ora 11.47
The concert on 19th of October will mark a triple anniversary on the stage of Sala Radio, when, at the music stand will be in attendance Cristian Brâncuși. He is celebrating altogether his 65th birthday, 45 years of professional conducting and 33 years of activity in Radio România. In the programme, there will also be opuses by Weber, Danzi and Haydn that will accompany this symbolic moment, filled with emotion, but it is also a personal track record which Cristian Brâncuși was very kind in sharing with us.

Master Cristian Brâncuși, you are preparing for a concert that has a special meaning for you. How do you feel?

I can't really say there is a big difference between now and a few months ago when I was on the job. I feel well in all aspects. I am healthy, thank God! I am ready to work… and I hope everything will also be alright in the future.

From 1983 you have had a fruitful and complex collaboration with the Radio.

I must tell you that it has been a great joy for me. I have been part of a large group, a family you could say, and looking back on things I can say that there have been successful collaborations… not only with the musical staff but with other departments of the radio. From my point of view, the cooperation was impeccable. I have always appreciated, for example, in România Actualități, the seriousness of the information and impartiality, concerning România Muzical I appreciated the quality of the radio musical shows, the quality of the transmissions, commentaries, the same thing is valid for România Cultural. I am extremely glad and I feel a strong gratification for being part of this big family. Indeed, I will be celebrating 33 years of activity in Radio and 45 years of conducting activity… and 65 years of life.

Happy birthday!

Thank you!

What has meant for you this long-lived collaboration with the Chamber Orchestra Radio?

The Camber Orchestra was a great joy. I have greatly contributed to the bringing into being of the orchestra, contributed to the selection of the instrumentists, the creation of the programmes, compiling the seasons, inviting well-known soloists and conductors and all of this I did with devotion. Of course I was not alone in this activity. Master Bacs and the members of the orchestra have stood by me and we got along very, very well during this time.

Sure enough that was twenty-some years ago. Looking back I think I succeeded doing some wonderful things - a series of concerts with young people, concerts with Romanian music, concert opera, opera for children, vocal-symphonic concerts...without counting the printing material which consisted of, maybe, hundreds of minutes, if not more.

Ioana Marghita
Translated by Traducere de Agafiței Ioana
, MTTLC, an II, Universitatea București