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The fourth edition of Mozart Festival is starting in Brașov

Monday, 29 January 2018 , ora 11.03

On Saturday, 27 January 2017, is starting a new edition of Mozart Festival in Brașov. We found out details from Cecilia Toma, PR of the institution

Brașov Opera, with the support of the Townhall and the Local Council Brașov is inviting you at the fourth edition of Mozart Festival, an edition which begins in this year precisely in the day when 252 years ago the brilliant Austrian composer was born at Salzburg. So, we are inaugurating the festival with an extraordinary show titled "Good to see you, Mr. Mozart!", in which no fewer than 23 soloists of the opera will step on stage and they will be accompanied at the piano by the master Ovidiu Mezei. The Choir and the Opera Orchestra will also compete. There is another extraordinary recital on Saturday, 3 February - Mozartissimo - in which we will have as guests the countertenor Cezar Ouatu and the pianist Ioana Maria Lupașcu. Then the festival continues with a concert of Kameratei Kronstadt directed by master Cristian Oroșanu, who will have as guest the pianist Horia Mihail. On Saturday, 10 February, Brașov Opera launches the invitation to watch Don Giovanni's opera show. On 17 February, Brașov opera awaits you at Figaro's Wedding. We do not forget the ballet. The only ballet composed by Mozart will be seen on the stage of Brașov Opera Friday, 23 February. The festival ends on Saturday, 24 February, with an extraordinary symphonic concert that will host the master conductor Ilarion Ionescu Galați celebrating 80 years of life and 60 years of artistic activity.

Statement taken by Radu Mihalache
Translated by Elisabeta Motoi,
MTTLC 2nd year University of Bucharest