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Interview with Mircea Pădurariu, bandmaster of the band Archaeus

Friday, 9 March 2018 , ora 9.40

"Archaeus" ensemble will hold today, March 6, 2018, at 19:00, in the Hall of Cantacuzino Palace, the third concert of the Romanian Feminine Componistry Series, an event dedicated to the 8th of March celebration. The band is led by bandmaster Mircea Pădurariu, who gave us more information in the next interview.

You have prepared, along with the Archaeus Ensemble, a concert dedicated to the Romanian female composition. What exactly is it about?

We prepared this concert together with the ensemble to commemorate this day and pay homage to the beautiful composers and interesting works they gave us in singing. It is a concert with different themes, each track being surprising, with a totally different transmission. We meet both happiness and joviality, as well as sadness and bitterness, but it is a beautiful concert, a very beautiful idea for this 8th of March.

What works have you included in the program?

Works by Doina Rotaru, by Maia Ciobanu, by Carmen Petra Basacopol, by Laura Mânzat.

What other projects do you see on the Archaeus Ensemble agenda for the coming months?

There will be concerts at the SIMN festival, certainly concerts in the Meridian festival, but also every month there is a concert.

Interview by Ana Diaconu
Translated by Denisse Grigore,
MTTLC, the University of Bucharest