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Mihaela Ursuleasa - thoughts about her future LP

Wednesday, 7 July 2010 , ora 14.17

Who had the idea that you should record some works - including pieces of Romanian composers - for the public broadcasting institution in Cologne?

It was my idea. It will be the second LP, which is due for January or little before Christmas; we don't know exactly. It will be with the Edel Classics record label from Hamburg.

The first LP was a portrait, with works signed by Beethoven, Ginastera or even Paul Constantinescu - his Toccata being some sort of preview for the second LP, which focuses on Romanian compositions and those influenced by Romanian music (Enescu, Bartók, Constantinescu), plus impromptus by Schubert, because I've lived for some time in Austria and Schubert was inspired by Austrian folk music. So it is going to be a beautiful LP. I have recently returned from Cologne where I've been recording for five days long, all the pieces. I am very curios how it is going to come out, but I think it will be a surprise both for those in Romania and for those abroad.

You have also collaborated with violinist Gilles Apap for this LP.

Indeed. It will make a bonus track. The actual LP had three Impromptus op. postum by Schubert, which are among my favourite ones, two Romanian folk dances by Bartók (not those six which are known; I have heard these ones with Radu Lupu and I fell in love with them on the spot), Paul Constantinescu' s Suita. We have also thought about Enescu.

There are many works by Enescu which I would want to record in the future, and I will; considering the timing of the suites, they could not have been included here. By sheer luck, and unexpectedly, I and composer Violeta Dinescu found the transcription for piano of the first Rhapsody by Enescu. And why not begin with this one, I said to myself. Foreign musicians are familiar with Enescu, but the average person is not. So we started with the Romanian Rhapsody No.1 which is well received by everyone - it is Enescu's hit composition. On the last day, Gilles Apap appeared at the invitation of the record label. We recorded together the Bartók's Rhapsody for Violin and Piano No. 2 which also has Romanian folk motifs.

Will there be a third LP in this series?

Of course. We have already planned three or four LPs. I have a lot of ideas which cannot be included all on one disc. I am very grateful to Edel Classics record label for being so open to work with me at these new ideas. It makes me so happy.

Thank you and may your ideas materialize. We hope out listeners have access to these new recordings as soon as possible.

We are now negotiating for the disc to be distributed in Romania too. My largest audience is there.

Monica Isăcescu
Translated by Sînziana Mihalache and Andreea Velicu
MA student, MTTLC, Bucharest University