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Christian Alexandru Petrescu on his 60th anniversary

Tuesday, 10 August 2010 , ora 10.31

Christian Alexandru Petrescu, who is a composer, but also a lecturer at the National University of Music in Bucharest, celebrated his 60th anniversary on Sunday,  August 8th 2010. We took advantage of this opportunity to wish him 'Happy Birthday' and to have a short interview with him.

Happy birthday, Mr. Christian Alexandru Petrescu!

Thank you very much.

You are a composer and a professor. Which of these two careers comes first in your preoccupations?

They are connected to each other. After all, composition is not just invention, it is also research and pedagogy represents a transmission of knowledge which is based on these creative experiences.

What is your most important advice for students who aspire to a career in music?

To be as open as possible to the profound reality in which we live, in order to perceive the direction we are heading in and in order to adapt more efficiently to it.

Andreea Chiselev
Translated by Elena Gheorghe and Alina-Olimpia Miron
MA students, MTTLC, Bucharest University