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The beginning of the 8th edition of the Transylvania International Guitar Festival

Monday, 23 August 2010 , ora 16.10
Between August 16th-21st, 2010, a new edition of the Transylvania Festival will take place in Cluj-Napoca. There will be two contests, apart from recitals and master-class courses run by Romanian and foreign guitar players; one of them is for guitar solo and the other one is for chamber music. We have received more information from the Artistic Manager of the Festival, guitar player and professor Constantin Andrei.

We are at the threshold of the 8th edition of the Transylvania Festival. How has this edition been improved in comparison to the previous years?

We hope that this year's edition will be even better, as we always do. The novelty is the medieval music recital performed by Duo Continuo from Hunedoara: Mircea Goian, viola da gamba and Nicolae Szekely, lute. A total of 20 chamber music groups have been enlisted in the Chamber Music Contest, most of them from countries such as Belgium, Germany, Spain, Poland and the Ukraine. This fills us with great joy because we can forsee that our festival will draw the expected attention with every performance.

Apart from the chamber music contest, there is a guitar solo contest.

Clearly, this contest is taking place for four age categories: the first one is up to ten years old, the second one is up to thirteen years old, the third one is up to sixteen years old and the fourth one has no age limit.

There are masterclasses every day as well. Who are the invited professors?

The invited professors are Sebastian Montes and Katrin Klingeberg, Andras Csaki, Gerhard Reichenbach, Rafael Aguirre, Antal Pusztai and Davin Pavlovits, as well as professors and guitar players from Romania. There are masterclasses both in the morning and in the afternoon at three venues, namely; the Gheorge Dima Music Academy, at the Apafi Mihály Protestant College and at the Culture Hall in the City of Cluj-Napoca. Also, there are recitals that will attract a great number of concert goers, let’s call them, guitar music lovers; every night at the Protestant Church, where there has been a bumper attendance up till now and we hope it’s going to be the same this year as well.
Andreea Chiselev
Translated by Elena Daniela Radu and Andreea Velicu
MA students, MTTLC, Bucharest University