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Music ON 2010 – A New Edition of the National Tour

Monday, 18 October 2010 , ora 8.59

Violinist Alexandru Tomescu, cellist Răzvan Suma and pianist Horia Mihail have begun the series of fifteen recital of this year’s national tour MusicON. During October 10th and November 21st, 2010, the members of the Romanian Piano Trio will be touring thirteen Romanian cities, among which Timișoara, Cluj, Pitești, Iași, Brașov, and Bucharest. We learned more about this edition of the MusicON tour from an interview with cellist Răzvan Suma.

You are already on the fifth MusicON tour. What does this year bring new?

We get to tour new cities. For example, on October 10th, we held a recital in Hunedoara, a city we have never performed before, or in Reșița, on October 14th. Nevertheless, we are still relying on the same idea of mainly aiming at young people, at trying to bring them into the concert halls.  Naturally, we are not overlooking the music-wise audience, whose presence pleases us very much. The repertoire could be something new.  It is the first time in these tours that we have performed French music, namely Ravel, the author of a superb Trio.

How did you choose the musical pieces in the programme?

After numberless auditions, we chose two Trios: the famous Dumky Trio by Dvoűák and Ravel’s Trio, which is a performing novelty for us, as well. We equally enjoy both of them, although they have a different feel. Now, at the beginning of the tour, we are like an un-warmed up car and we are trying to warm up on the fly.

By November 21st you will have visited a total of fourteen Romanian cities. What are the biggest satisfactions of a tour of such scope?

The satisfactions are great. First and foremost we get to perform at an extraordinarily high professional level after these fifteen or sixteen concerts, and within the trio, the bonds between us become very tight. Then, we get to meet a very diversified audience. The satisfaction is enormous as we realise that people come to concerts with an open heart, prepared to receive what we offer them.

Andreea Chiselev
Translated by Firoiu Cristina and Elena Daniela Radu
MA students, MTTLC, Bucharest University