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Interview with the pianist Cadmiel Boțac

Wednesday, 2 February 2011 , ora 9.39

Cadmiel Alexandru Boțac from Sighetu Marmației won the first prize in the 14-18 year old category within the Piano National Contest organized by the Romanian Musical Radio during the Lipatti Days, November 2010. Thanks to this success, the young pianist of only 14 years old accepted the invitation of the Romanian Embassy in Luxemburg to give a recital. The event will take place at the Conservatory in Luxemburg on Saturday, February 5th, 2011.

Before leaving for Luxemburg, Cadmiel Boțac gave us an interview:

The public was recently able to see you performing at the Contest organized on the occasion of the Lipatti Days. How important is winning this first prize for you?

I feel honoured to have participated in this contest. The prize that I was awarded represents one of my greatest achievements, along with the Award in Zagreb. This is a huge accomplishment for me. And I am not talking about the financial benefit only, but also about the fact that I have managed to overcome my own limits. I worked very hard for my repertoire due to the limited time allotted.

Your performance on the stage of the Radio Hall could be listened and watched live on Romanian Musical Radio and on Cultural TVR. What was your family and colleagues' feedback after this moment? Was there any reaction?

My mother was at the Radio Hall and she participated intensely in those moments. The rest of my family were watching me on television. My playmates, neighbours, my music teachers as well as my teachers from the school were I studied, they all supported me. I was genuinely surprised when, after the Gala concert, I started receiving phone calls from persons that I hadn't even announced that I was going to perform live. However, my deepest fulfilment was that my teacher was congratulated by many persons, especially Romanian piano teachers who worked with students who were often my competitors.

During the Contest I noticed that you were having a close relationship with you piano teacher, Monica Chifor, who was already known as a very competent pedagogue. To which extent to you think that your teacher has managed to bring her contribution to your success so far?

Mrs. Chifor's contribution to my present day formation is of inestimable worth. My family will never manage to make up for her hard work and dedication. She sacrificed her precious time, her money, her health and even her family for me. I divulge you that during the ten years of study she accompanied me to all the national and international competitions, except for one, when she went on a delegation with other teachers from the music school, her attendance there being required.

Do you enjoy the concept of competition? Are you going to participate in future contests?

I like competiting, I admit. It is the only way of getting to know yourself, see what your level is among your other colleagues, and you can also learn many things from the other contestants, either older or younger. In the future I want to participate in a contest that will take place in Piatra Neamț at the end of February. Then there comes the Regional Olympics in Cluj and if I win I will go to the National Olympics in Timisoara. My recital includes a Mendelssohn concert which I might perform in May at Satu Mare and at Sighet. Apart from that, I will see what the future holds for me. I would like to participate in a contest in Italy or France with Mrs. Chifor. We haven't planned anything in this respect, it is only a wish of mine.

You are leaving to Luxemburg for a recital that you won after having participated in the Contest within the Lipatti Days. Are you going to give the same recital that you gave at the contest?

I will play the contest repertoire as well as two other songs: a waltz by Chopin and maybe, a surprize that I have for them, Csardas by Vittorio Monti.

Are these your favourite composers?

My favourite composer is Chopin. Even though his musical language was absolutely new for the time when he lived, Chopin's work and interpretative manner have become a landmark for musicians all over the world. I see him as a person fighting for the better, a music musketeer with some piano difficulties which I hope I will overcome one day, thus becoming an equally skilful rider.

You generally have a quite complex recital programme. Isn't it tiring to have such an active life?

It is not easy to keep up with it, but I have my family's support that keeps me going.

Also, I benefit from my teachers' back up, and if I effectively organize my time I manage to do it.

I assume music takes most of your time. What do you enjoy doing apart from music? What are your hobbies?

I like open air sports, especially football. I also enjoy reading.

This is an important moment of your career; you are an 8th grader and you are getting ready to enter high school. What are your plans about this and where else are you going to play in the near future?

Starting with the 9th grade I will study in Cluj, this is a settled thing. As far as my future performances are concerned I have only made plans for the contests mentioned earlier. In case other ones come up, I will sort them because I want to spare time for my utterly necessary studies. One at a time.

Larisa Clempuș
Translated by Oana Popovici (MA, University of Constanta)
and Elena Daniela Radu (MTTLC student, University of Bucharest)