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'Verdi-Wagner 200' - Interview with Răzvan Ioan Dincă, the General Manager of the National Opera

Thursday, 24 January 2013 , ora 9.08
The Verdi-Wagner 200 Series starts at the Bucharest National Opera on 24th January. It offers the audience the works of the two composers celebrated this year. Among these we mention Aida, La Traviata, Masquerade, Nabucco, Rigoletto and Macbeth by Giuseppe Verdi, as well as the Flying Dutchman and Lohengrin, part of Richard Wagner's creation. We have found out details about this series and about other projects of the NOB, from the general manager of this institution, Răzvan Ioan Dincă:

What can you tell us about the production of the opera
Aida that can be seen tonight?

It is the first in a longer series of productions that are linked to the celebration of two of the greatest composers of all times. On this occasion, the musicologist and professor Grigore Constantinescu will tell the audience a few words about Verdi before the performance. At the same time, we will have as special guests a tenor and soprano from Bulgaria and we will inaugurate a photograph exhibition in the foyer of the Opera presents - handcrafted in order to look their best within their baroque frames - with great Romanian artists who over the years have played famous parts in the works of the two great composers.

What are some of the other surprises you prepare for the audience during the Verdi-Wagner anniversary year?

We will organize an important concert with great Romanian singers from abroad, but this event I will discuss at the proper time. For the time being, I can tell you that there will be a vocal-symphonic concert in which we will present both the less visible talents of the opera - namely, the orchestra and the choir - which will be placed on stage for this event. Then, there will follow the premieres of Don Giovanni and Tannhäuser. Tannhäuser will actually be the first production of this series; its premiere is due in April. In September we will have the premiere of Otello, as part of the George Enescu Festival; in conclusion, two great productions - an opera by Wagner and another one by Verdi, as well as this concert and many small events on this theme.

Beside this anniversary, do you have other projects pending together with the staff of the Bucharest National Opera?

Yes, we do. We are working on Don Giovanni, whose premiere is planned for the end of February. And for the George Enescu Festival, we prepare a series of performances, including our participation in the productions of Wagner's tetralogy, which includes a few of the theater's singers and the choir along with the Berlin Philharmonic and will enchant the audience at the Palace Hall during the George Enescu Festival in September.

Interview by: Andreea Chiselev
Translated by Iulia Florescuand Elena Daniela Radu
MTTLC, Bucharest University