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The Mezzo-Soprano Liliana Nikiteanu at the Theater an der Wien

Tuesday, 19 February 2013 , ora 8.09
The mezzo-soprano Liliana Nikiteanu is part of the cast performing Gioachino Rossini's Le Comte Ory at the Theater an der Wien. Although the leading female role is interpreted by the South African soprano Pretty Yende, on 20th February, Liliana Nikiteanu will join stage with the mezzo-soprano Cecilia Bartoli. The character of count Ory is performed by Lawrence Brownlee and the conducting version belongs to Jean-Christoph Spinosi. When asked about the collaboration with the prestigious performers, the renowned Romanian artist replied:

The teamwork has been wonderful; working with Jean- Christophe Spinosi is a first for me and probably it is not the last collaboration together as we have got along very well which I also have with Lawrence. Going into detail about the cast, I have to mention that Mrs Cecilia Bartoli, who was to interpret the role of the Countess, was unlucky enough to fall ill and that was the reason why another artist who came only two days before the premiere from New York had to replace her. Pretty Yende is a very young colleague who possesses an exceptional talent. In January, this year, she also rendered the Countess in Le Comte Ory at the Metropolitan Opera.

How would you describe the role that you are interpreting on the Viennese stage? Is it an endeavour for you?

It is a peculiar role, which is actually a unique share to my repertoire due to its focus on the character rather than on the melody as it lacks any aria but the performance begins and ends with it which justifies its length; however, it remains a character- oriented part. It is the first time playing the role of a rather old person weighting more than 220 pounds and I admit it was not easy for me at the beginning but I was quick to adapt and the collaboration with the director Moshe Leiser and his partner Patrice Caurier was of great help.

Ioana Marghita
Translated by Sorina Cimpoeru and Elena Daniela Radu
MTTLC, Bucharest University