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Brasov's Musical Stage Has Been Enriched by a New Ensemble

Wednesday, 15 January 2014 , ora 9.31
Camerata Kronstadt makes its debut on 15th January, 2014, with a concert that has the violinist Alexandru Tomescu as a soloist and Cristian Oroșanu as a conductor - who is also the founder of the ensemble. You can find out more about the projects of the artist and this orchestra in the following interview that Cristian Oroșanu gave exclusively to Radio Romania Music.

How did the idea of initiating this project with Camerata Kronstadt come up, who are the members of the orchestra and what is the line of approach?
I’ve had this idea for a long time. I only didn’t have the courage to initiate it, because back there in Brasov there were no concert halls which would have been appropriate for such activities. However, since September we have a new Philarmonic Hall, which is surprisingly good andI’ve decided to take this step. The Orchestra has only string instruments, for the time being; I would like to maintain a work pace of one concert per month.

You have already thought of the possible guest soloists We know that you will begin with Alexandru Tomescu. Who are the next guests of Camerata Kronstadt in the coming months?
We wanted to start with a well-known Romanian player and my colleague and friend, Alexandru Tomescu seems to be the best choice. The following concerts will have as guests, Razvan Stoica in February, also a Romanian violinist less known in Romania, but in Europe he has a really great career, in March we will have Silvia Chies as a guest, a high-class cellist from Italy, then Maurizio Ballini, a well-known pianist, from Italy, as well. In April, Kamerata will perform a concert at the Black Church.

What are your thoughts before the debut concert of the orchestra?
I am as highly enthusiastic as my colleagues in the orchestra. We have a much greater success than we have expected. We could have played the same concert two consecutive evenings based on the request we had, so we get off on the right foot. We are very satisfied and happy. We try to make the concert with a great artistic quality.

Petra Gherasim
Translated by Liliana Andreiu and Elena Daniela Radu
MTTLC, The University of Bucharest