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An Interview with the Pianist Cristian Niculescu

Tuesday, 27 May 2014 , ora 9.09
The pianist Cristian Niculescu has been professing in Berlin for more than two decades. Five years ago, he launched a new type of manifestation-event in the German artistic landscape: a multi-artistic studio which hosts musicians, painters and poets. The concerts, exhibitions and recitals that take place in this studio have become a constant in Berlin's artistic life.

Mr. Cristian Niculescu, here is a new invitation that you address to all music lovers in Berlin - your studio which hosts the most fantastic music stories. When did you set it up and what is the profile of this studio?

The studio was set up in 2009, following several unofficial concerts which had enjoyed a very good reception. In the meantime, I can say it has become a very well-known and important stage in Berlin's music life. There are many established musicians who give concerts in my studio and, besides these events, we also have concerts of young soloists, chamber music, musical soirées and theatre plays.

It is a studio where you manage to bring together interpreters from Romania, Romanian interpreters, but also many foreign ones. Is there an agenda you set in advance?

Yes, certainly. Our schedule is very clear and correlated with that of all musicians and there are regular concerts. At the moment, there are three-four concerts a month and, of course, the agenda is set way in advance and all is very well planned.

This evening you will be on stage, together with another musician, a good friend.

Yes, this friend is the violinist Olga Pak, who comes from a Korean family in Novosibirsk. She is a very much appreciated artist. She studied with the famous violinist Zakhar Bron in Russia; then, she moved to Berlin, where she continued her studies with Ilan Gronich and Mark Gothoni. She is a high-quality violinist. This is our first concert of chamber music together and I am really happy about our collaboration.

What is the repertory for this evening?

We will begin with Beethoven's Sonata No. 6 in A Major, Op. 30. Then, we will continue with two works by Tchaikovsky: Meditation and Sérénade Mélancolique. Next, we will play Bartók's Romanian Folk Dances. For the ending: an arrangement of Gershwin's West Side Story, made by Jascha Heifetz.

After this event, what else will the Studio Cristian Niculescu in Berlin host?

There will be a big event on 27th June; it is an event which takes place twice a year: the concert-surprise entitled 'Cristian Niculescu & Friends'. Several musicians, actors, and even a dancer will participate in this concert. There will be a varied programme, and I will perform together with several friends who are established artists.

Mr. Cristian Niculescu, we wish you the best of luck and thank you for receiving us in your studio for a few moments.

You are welcome and I hope I will see you in Berlin.

Irina Hasnaº
Translated by Mihaela Olinescu and Elena Daniela Radu
MTTLC, The University of Bucharest