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Mihaela Tomescu on the Master Classes in Violin Excellence Held by Violinist Alexandru Tomescu

Thursday, 13 August 2015 , ora 13.32
The "Remember Enescu" Cultural Foundation is organizing master classes in violin excellence, which will be held by violinist Alexandru Tomescu, between 22nd - 28th August 2015. Mrs. Mihaela Tomescu, the president of the "Remember Enescu" Cultural Foundation:

The master classes in violin excellence, which are held by violinist Alexandru Tomescu and which are intended for young violinists from the Romanian communities, are part of the "Masterclass Enescu Experience - Mihăileni, 2015" project. We have this wonderful invitation for ten young violinists from the Romanian communities, who can apply for and attend these master classes. They will be organized by the "Remember Enescu" Cultural Foundation; and the whole project is co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - the Department on Policies for Relations with Romanians Everywhere.

The master classes take place between 22nd - 28th August. How are these ten young violinists going to benefit from these classes? First of all, they are going to benefit from the master classes held by violinist Alexandru Tomescu, which are going to be followed by a few more, which will be taught by two other violin teachers. They will also benefit from the chance of meeting a psychologist, whose purpose is to help the interpreters develop their artistic personalities, have a better control of their emotions, powers of concentration and theatricalism. They will also be able to attend group workshops on studying creative techniques and promoting their own personal brands. There will certainly be organised classes that will focus on offering valuable information on the life and activity of maestro George Enescu.

The master classes will end with a gala concert. The proposed repertoire includes a musical work by George Enescu and one or two more musical works chosen by the violinists.

Participants should send the complete sets of required documents until 14th August. We are pleasantly awaiting the participation of young violinists from the Romanian communities everywhere, so we can all be together during this edition of our master class and feel the emotion of the Romanian land as well as the emotion of Enescu's work.

Alexandru Mija
Translated by Izabela - Elvira Vațe and Elena Daniela Radu
MTTLC, The University of Bucharest