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Alexandru Tomescu – Special Christmas concert at The Romanian Atheneum

Thursday, 21 December 2017 , ora 10.42

Violinist Alexandru Tomescu will perform a special Christmas concert together with pianist Sînziana Mircea, bandoneonist Omar Massa and Romanian Youth Orchestra conducted by Radu Postăvaru. Saturday, on 23rd of December, from 19:00 o'clock on The Romanian Atheneum's stage, the musicians will perform Antonio Vivaldi and Astor Piazzolla's works. Here it's what the artist told us about the event:

Mr. Alexandru Tomescu, on 23rd of December you will perform at The Romanian Atheneum a special Christmas concert for a noble cause. What can you tell us about the event?

This is about my first special Christmas concert that I organize especially for the School of Music and Fine Art in Mihăileni. It's a project that is very close to my heart and I will use all my energy to make it a really special event. I will be with my colleagues from Romanian Youth Orchestra on the stage, together with pianist Sînziana Mircea and bandoneonist Omar Massa - with the latter I also undertook the 10th edition of Stradivarius Tour this year - with a very impressive program, and I also could say a seasonal one. I mean the four seasons of Antonio Vivaldi doubled by their South-American pair of Astor Piazzolla.

How is your collaboration with these musicians? As far as we can see, you are already a musical family.

Yes, we know each other very well. It is said that among us, you only can meet a musician not necessarily when you sing into a concert next to him, but when you go on tour together because there, throughout de days and the weeks of the journey, concerts, troubles, weariness, you really get to know someone. But, at the same time, it's not my first collaboration with Romanian Youth Orchestra with which I have already sung and now I will be singing into a concert that I'm expecting with so much interest because these violin and orchestral scores, the Seasons of Vivaldi and the ones of Astor Piazzolla, are far from easy. They are extremely intensive, especially those for the orchestra's soloists. So, as I was saying, I'm looking forward with personal interest this new collaboration with Romanian Youth Orchestra conducted by Radu Postăvaru.

The event, of course, has also another purpose, to raise funds for the music Academy from Enescu House in Mihăileni. How is this project expanding, in which you are deeply involved?

The first part consisted in the rescue from destruction of George Enescu's childhood home, the Foundation Pro Patrimonio in Romania and many architect students volunteers being involved. And the second part, the most difficult one thus, is that the respected place is not changed into a museum, but into a school dedicated to fine arts. I have already organized there in the last couple of years various concerts, refresher trainings and music courses. This autumn, it took place the first painting camp which was exclusively dedicated to the children in the area, in Mihăileni. And this is only the beginning. The plan is, as quickly as possible, to have at all times cultural activities, from which children in the area, in Mihăileni, and children from all over the country can benefit.

Interview realized by Radu Mihalache
Translated by Costache Alexandra Iuliana,
MTTLC 1st year University of Bucharest