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Interview with the conductor Cristian Lupes, the manager of the Sibiu Philharmonic

Monday, 11 April 2022 , ora 10.25

On Thursday, April 7th, a concert entitled We can sail without the wind takes place at the Sibiu Philharmonic, an event whose protagonists will be managers of music institutions from Romania. We learn more about this project from Cristian Lupeș, the manager of the Sibiu Philharmonic.

Initially, I would ask you to tell us about this initiative of bringing together the managers of the music institutions from Romania. How did they get the idea?

Honestly, everything started from an idea of Florin Estefan, where we had to have a concert together, on a very beautiful concept proposed by the Sibiu Philharmonic, a concert that, by the way, I saw in Cluj. And realizing tha twe were two managers on stage as artists, then discussed it and amplified the initial concept with which Estefan had come, but in a direction in which, on the other hand, we ask ourselves: if in Romania the music institutions have managers who, by legislation, must have specialized studies, then, does the manager, once he reaches the position, keep his vocation, profession or does he remain only a manager? The function lasts for a while. Therefore, we assume that we do not sacrifice some people completely after some years, so that they can no longer do their job. And we find ourselves on this cusp in which we are wondering what is the most correct proportion between the artist and the manager, on the one hand.

On the other hand, this concept, the title We Can Sail Without the Wind tells us about the situation in which the cultural institutions in Romania are at the moment, not only the musical institutions, but we are also talking about the musical ones, the ones we know more about or we rather sing about them.

It is known that in our entire activity, more in the cultural environment, we often wake up without resources: without human resources, without financial resources or all sorts of other resources and this windless sailing is metaphorical, the symbol of these problems that we encounter quite often, managing to overcome them just as often, I don't know how, however, we can imagine a lot of situations, from wandering our hands in water or hoping for a favourable wave, to, of course, negotiate contracts with partners and find all sorts of atypical solutions to the problems that everyone has. So all these small problems come together in a concert of concept on April the 7th, at 7 PM, in the headquarters of the Sibiu State Philharmonic, so that the next morning there will be a small meeting, not only with the managers who have agreed to be on the stage of our philharmonic but with all the other managers of the music institutions in Romania.

What can you tell us about Thursday night's schedule? What will you sing?

We start the concert entitled We Can Sail Without the Wind, a Norwegian song sung by the surprisingsoloist Andras Demeter, who is neither an actor nor a secretary of state, he is an accordionist at the beginning of our concert, followed by Mendelssohn's concert, Concert 1 of Piano, the pianist Dragoș Dumitriu, the manager of the Brașov Philharmonic, delights us, then a concert for two bassoons by Dieter, two bassoons and an orchestra, sung by Pavel Ionescu, the former manager of the Bacău Philharmonic, together with a bassist delegated by the current manager. Following are three voices sung by Bizet, Donizetti, Mozart: Florin Estefan, the manager of the Romanian National Opera in Cluj, Adrian Fermeșan, the manager of the Iași Opera and Gyorgi Levente, the manager of the Târgu-Mureș Philharmonic. In the orchestra, we have Emőke Kovács, as a master concert, the manager of the Satu-Mare Philharmonic and course on the timpani Ovidiu Andriș, the manager of the Banatul Philharmonic from Timișoara, and a guest very dear to us is also the master Marin Cazacu, the manager of the Romanian Youth from Bucharest. Master Cazacu will sing an aria from Evgheni Oneghin. Everyone will present this artistic side, with which many of us have become accustomed, this time, in balance with the managerial one of the next day.

Interview by Petre Fugaciu
Translated by Roberta Ana-Maria Gulerez,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year I
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu