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Interview with conductor Cristian Marius Firca

Friday, 27 May 2022 , ora 14.54

Colonel Cristian Marius Firca, this Sunday at the Radio Hall you will participate as conductor of the Academic Choir "Divine Harmony" together with the Orchestra

Representative of the Ministry of National Defense at a concert of graduates of the course of training of active officers within the Training Center for Military Music. What will be the structure of the concert and what program was chosen?

The concert, which takes place on Sunday, May 22nd, at the Radio Hall is an absolute first in the history of military music. I would like to mention this, because this is the first time in the 183-year existence of military music that such an event has happened, namely the Graduates' Concert. The 5 graduates who, after a course of 7 months in which they studied the subjects specific to orchestra conducting, especially the orchestra conducting of winds, will come before the public to demonstrate the level of conducting they have reached at this time. They will be graduates, will have the rank of sub-lieutenant of the Romanian Army and will be the conductors of the military orchestras in the country.

We thought that for the beginning each of the young conductors would expose from a conducting point of view the piece they also take at the graduation exam. They are pieces specific to film music. We have composers like John Williams, Alfred Reed, Andrew Lloyd Webber. They will direct these works in front of the Representative Orchestra of the Ministry of National Defense, and in the second section, together with this well-known army orchestra, the Academic Choir "Divine Harmony" of the "Knights of Dacia" Foundation will participate as a guest. Here we will change the repertoire a little; we go to the musical side - Concert celebration of composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, then Vangelis - Conquest of Paradise, then some well-known themes from opera literature intertwined in the composition Viva belcanto!; we also have Brindisi from Traviata, where we have guests soloists of the Choir of the Ministry of National Defense, namely soprano Elena DincaVelica and tenor Daniel Stoica. And we will end, of course, with "Christ is Risen!" - a personal arrangement for the choir and orchestra of winds, given that until the Ascension we properly honor the Resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. Of course, we also prepare some surprise pieces for the encore.

Almost all the works will also have video projections made by paraschivplatooner Ovidiu Dan, with clips from the films whose music is played live.

Who is it for and what else can you tell us about this training course for active officers at the Military Music Training Center?

This course is addressed to all those who want to become officers of the Military Music Weapon and conductors of military orchestras. This course can be attended both by young army personnel with the specialty of Military Music, as well as by those in civilian life. This year we also have a graduate from civil life who, after studying conducting at the National University of Music, took an exam here, took it and now promotes it. We open the doors wide to all those who want to study the art of conducting and to embrace the profession of officer with the destination of Military Music, of the wind orchestras both military and civilian, because conducting for wind orchestras is universal.

Interview by Filip Mihăilescu
Translated by Beatrice-Andreea Porumb,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year I
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu