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The Little Music Lover' Lesson is not an ordinary lesson. In the world of Tone Tinytone and the two elves- Arietta and Pocchettina, each lesson is an adventure.

Here, everything starts and ends with music, be it Scheherazade, The Fantastic Symphony or The New World. All these three characters face many challenges, but they will overcome them only if they understand and learn something about music.

The Music Library
December 18th, 2009

Tone Tinytone is more of a slow learner because he is always thinking of food and, just when the lesson becomes more complicated, he gets sleepy.

Arietta is in love with jewels, fine silk and beads and, even if she likes music, she does not really want to know more about it.

Pocchettina is the only character willing to talk more about the mysteries of this art which makes people look nicer.

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Translated by: Cristina Sandu
MA student, MTTLC, Bucharest University

Str. General Berthelot, Nr. 60-64, RO-010165, București, România